Preserved Arrangements that Scream Christmas!

Preserved Arrangements that Scream Christmas!

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A floral arrangement is an engaging art style. It's existed for thousands of years, much older than most people think! The Egyptians arranged dried papyrus flowers and reeds in bouquets to make a room smell lovely. The classic Roman Emperor, with his laurel wreath, is wearing an arrangement of floral stems. Even the common flower crown is just a simplified set of dried stems!

For as long as people have been cultivating flowers, the concept of floral arrangement has always been there. There's a long history involved, but as it's Christmas, we thought it's best to ask: what makes Christmas blooms so pretty? Why do Christmas flowers give off that Christmas feeling? And how do you add Christmas blooms to your dried floral stems and make arrangements pop!

If you're not the type for arranging your flowers, don't worry! We'll be showing off some of our Christmassy arrangements to give you a great idea for arrangements that make the perfect Christmas present!

What Stems are Christmassy?

This is a pretty general question. What makes a Christmas arrangement Christmassy? How do Christmas blooms even get their association with the holiday? There are a few reasons.

Firstly, the plant could sprout around wintertime. Poinsettias are a phenomenal red flower that tends to bloom in Winter. Their proximity to Christmas makes them a classic, traditional Christmas plant.

Not forgetting the other aspect of a Christmas bloom: its colour!

Red is so intrinsically related to Christmas it's hard to disconnect the two. After all, even Father Christmas wears red!

Amaranté's Winter Forest Christmas blooms feature many red dried floral stems. These flowers simply pop out at you and announce themselves. It's the perfect way to ensure a Christmas vibe without even thinking of it. These dried floral stems create several unique layers. They add distinctive textures to this gorgeous floral arrangement that emulates the traditional Christmas German soldier Nutcracker in the form of a bouquet.

Winter Forest Christmas Bouquet
Medium Winter Forest Bouquet of Dried Flowers

Soft and Fluffy Snow for Flowers?

Snow is always associated with Christmas. It's natural to think of it when imagining the season. Many Christmas stories worldwide start on a cold Winter night, with light frost or snow draping over the countryside. Charles Dicken's Novel, “A Christmas Carol”, features snow and cold very prominently, one of Scrooge's sticking points. Scrooge denies Bob Cratchit the use of coal for the fire, saying it's a waste of money. If he sounds a bit like your dad with the thermostat, maybe the book is a good Christmas present this year!

Although snow and the cold can have negative connotations, Amaranté's White Wonderland Bouquet is anything but that. It has a simply stunning elegance, like a blank canvas waiting to be marked by an artist. These Christmas blooms are stark white, with pampas grass and comfy cotton soothing you with their softness. White snow need not remind you of the cold but rather let you think of the warmth of the season you're enjoying, like roasting chestnuts over a fire and your cold feet warming up.

White gets a bad wrap as a “boring” colour choice. We don't agree! White has an elegance that has stood the test of time! White dresses are still considered symbolising bridal beauty and the fresh start of a new life. In Asia, white has significance as a colour of death and resurrection, further aided in the west by Christianity and Jesus' resurrection.

Truly, anything you could want the white to represent, it can! It's not a boring colour, far from it! It's multifaceted, goes with everything, and produces a royalty-like effluence that is impossible to deny. That's why White flowers belong alongside other Christmassy dried floral stems. Great shows of beauty to match the Christmas season.

 Preserved flowers - White Wonderland Christmas Bouquet
Large White Wonderland Dried Flower Bouquet

A Darker Side to Christmas

Maybe the red and white are a bit too much for you. Are you the kind of person who likes thinking outside the box? Engaging with Christmas at your own pace, not the pace of the people around you? Then Lilac Skies is for you!

While not a typical Christmas arrangement, these dried floral stems scream a dark Winter's evening with ferocity. It's the perfect way to describe sundown in Winter: a vibrant purple sky with minor etchings of gold disappearing over the horizon. Fluffy lilac Ageratum, French Lavender, and deep purple Status all come together to make a beautiful arrangement.

If you appreciate the unusual, unorthodox, and out-of-the-box present ideas, these flowers are the best for you! They ooze with personality and are a truly unique gift for any situation, especially Christmas!

Vibrant lavender Christmas flowers
Lilac Skies Dried Flower Bouquets

You Can Make a Difference Now

Christmas is often associated with gift giving, presents and wishing joy to the world. That's why, this year, we'd love for you to take a moment and give a present to the world.

A bit of a tall ask, right? What could we possibly give the planet?

All it takes is a small, ever-so-minute change of thinking. It's not very hard, you see. All over the world, people buy fresh flowers, industrially produced in horrid conditions that burn fossil fuels and contribute to the world's greenhouse effect. Their pollutants harm the world, and their business practices make it harder for anyone even to imagine growing their flowers in 50 years.

At Amaranté, we're dedicated to revolutionising the flower industry with our products, business, and ideals. We ensure that our flowers are sourced ethically from well-paid workers, emphasising environmentally friendly flower production. Not only that, but every single one of our products is carbon-neutral, even the one-day delivery ones! So, you can rest at ease that a purchase from us makes this world more beautiful, not harder.

So today, maybe for the first time, make a choice that makes the world better. And come along to help us make the entire world feel like it's Christmas every day. There's no time like the present to make a difference.

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