The Best Environmentally Friendly Infinity Rose Gift Guide this Christmas

The Best Environmentally Friendly Infinity Rose Gift Guide this Christmas

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Christmas is upon us, meaning the joyous gift-giving custom is here. This year, make a difference by choosing environmentally friendly gifts. And what better ethical Christmas presents are there to choose from than a box of elegant infinity roses? Each of our forever roses are available in fourteen beautiful colours, suitable for all occasions but especially perfect for Christmas! So, when did the tradition of giving gifts on Christmas begin?

Gifting at Christmas Time

The custom of gifting at this time of year dates back to the initial Christian Christmas feast. The ritual began in ancient Rome during the Winter solstice in December. When Christianity spread, Christians first began to give gifts on New Year's Day. Then, when December 25th became established as the day of the birth of Jesus, people started to give gifts on that day too.

With this tradition still alive today and occurring year after year, it can be hard to think of something new you haven't gifted in the past. For inspiration, here are five popular forever roses that will be adored this festive season. So sit back, relax, and read on.

Light and Royal Blue Environmentally Friendly Gifts

Soak up the chilly Winter with these cool, aromatic blue roses. These blooms are the ultimate gift for a father or older sibling. They are offered in two elegant shades, light and royal blue, denoting luxury and protection. Pick these roses to match those who are communicative, enthusiastic, and sincere. Accessible in many sizes, the medium grey round box with 12 roses expresses eternal love. The dapper ash tints of the rose box will make it a great fit as a home staple for every room and everyone.

12 blue infinity roses in an elegant round grey rose box with a suede finish.
12 Blue Infinity Roses in Grey Rose Box

Red and Deep Red Environmentally Friendly Gifts

If you're after a present for a significant other, then delve into these magical roses. Known as the colour of love, these red roses characterise appreciation and courage. Use these roses as an expression of beauty and gratitude, too. That is also a traditional Christmas shade, making it another excellent option for this joyful occasion. These ethical Christmas presents suit those with determined, passionate, and energetic personalities. Choose the medium black square with nine roses for a 'be mine' sentiment.

Champagne and Peach Forever Roses

Red roses in a black stylish square hatbox with a matte finish.
Champagne Infinity Roses in Square Black Hatbox

Christmas is a celebratory occasion. And there is a no better way to portray this than with an assortment of champagne roses. These chic champagne roses will combine modesty and excitement to provide you with classy, ethical Christmas presents that will capture everyone's hearts. Like the drink, the colour is mainly used for celebrations and new beginnings. However, they will uplift, boost and inspire when observed while portraying intoxicating feelings.

Consider the peach roses to go with the champagne ones for an analogous arrangement. That will add hints of warmth and happiness to your assortment, creating a classy gift for a friend or loved one.

With this arrangement, pick the round, black medium square rose box in for a mysterious, idyllic gift for provoking forgiveness.

Pink and Hot Pink Roses

If it's an ethical Christmas present for a girlfriend you seek, then the blushing pink roses collection is the ultimate choice for you. Each delicate rose will characterise a powerful message, offered in two elegant and playful shades. Pink tints connote beauty, sensitivity, and kindness. It is also a characteristic of innocence with uplifting and comforting sentiments. The darker shade, however, has more playful and delicate meanings. Choose the modern and stylish large black round hatbox for an elegant gift to please everyone and express never-ending love.

Elegant pink infinity roses in a sophisticated black hatbox with matte finish
Pink Forever Roses in Large Round Hatbox

Ethical Christmas Flowers, Shipped with Global Delivery

Our Forever roses are created using a unique eco-friendly preservation method that breathes new life into them, lasting as long as three years if kept away from direct sunlight and air conditioning outlets. What's better is that they require no watering or maintenance. We'll deliver your order in the UK and in 250 countries worldwide. So, if you can't be home with your loved ones this Christmas, choose the global delivery as a mesmerising way to show your love to your dear ones, no matter where you are.

infinity rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers
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