Bring the Outdoor Rose In

One of the best things about preserved flowers has always been how much they can remind you of nature. If lockdown has taught us anything, it’s how much we can take the outside world for granted. Everything from feeling the powerful sun rays on our skin to simply walking through a large grassy field – everything about the outside is something we’ve learnt to appreciate every single day.

Even now, we can once again venture out into the open there will still be days where we’re sheltering from the darker parts of nature. Some of us are still working from home full time and may not get to go outside as much as we would like to. So why not bring the outside in? Through a vast selection of timeless preserved flowers and dried flowers, keep your inside space airy and bright for years to come.

Your Very Own Rose Garden

Roses are one of nature’s effortless beauties that have been enjoyed inside for decades. While we’ve come a long way from plucking nice looking buds from the end of the garden, it hasn’t been until now that people truly have the opportunity to create their very own indoor preserved rose collection.

Given that our preserved roses have been procured to remain as fragrant and stunning as the day they were cut, it’s never been easier for you to select the roses you love and display them with pride. While you can select any of the infinity roses we have to offer, why not go for a more traditional colour that could be found in an ordinary garden.

Red,white and pink roses may have very different meanings behind them, but each are some of the most common roses to be found naturally growing. But as beautiful as fresh roses are, they just can’t last forever. However, our infinity roses can last for years.

Choosing from our selection of illustrious square and round hat boxes, you can create your very own indoor rose garden that is perfect for every season. Whether you’re after romantic alluring red roses or a clean and crisp white rose, select the colours you love and you’ll never feel like the real outdoors is ever too far away.

Pink infinity roses in pink suede hatbox
Pink Infinity Roses in a Hatbox

Roses, The Simple Touch of Elegance

While a stunning centrepiece of any room, maybe you’re looking to just bring a little of the outside into an otherwise cosier space. Our acrylic boxes with roses are the perfect fit for such an occasion.

Do you remember the thrill of pressing flowers as a child so you could keep them forever? Consider our environmental-friendly roses the ultimate upgrade. Whether you’re looking for a single rose or a bigger rose box , you can decide which is the best fit for your space.

Preserved Roses in transparent acrylic boxRed Infinity roses in acrylic box

Our infinity roses in a hatbox compact all the joy and beauty that all our roses have. But with the acrylic boxes, you can take the brightness and beauty of as little as a single rose wherever you go. This neat little rose may also be the perfect gift for those who love the outside but don’t want a large bouquet.

These singular or adoring roses also come in a large variety of colours. Whether you’re after an infinity rose that looks like it’s just been picked straight from the garden or one that’s a more unusual colour, each of our eco-friendly roses never fail to help you love and appreciate the great outdoors right from your very own home.  

infinity rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers
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