Tablescape with our Christmas Table Flowers for a Memorable Christmas Feast

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The Christmas Holidays are all about magic and creativity. And what better way to show creativity than with an array of eco friendly dried flowers. Use your dinner table to offer your family and guests escapism into a wonderland of joy and beauty. Dried flowers are fregrant, and come in an assortment of colours, sizes, and packaging. That way, they will fit into any room, all while adding a holiday spirit to your home décor.

So, when did the tradition of Christmas dinner begin?

In the United Kingdom, many believe that eating Turkey at Christmas dates to the 16th Century. King Henry VIII was the first monarch of England to have Turkey on Christmas. By 1573 many people were having turkeys at Christmas.

Here, we have listed our best flowers for centrepieces to wow your guests.

The Bleached Haze Dried Flower Bouquet

For a memorable holiday, the classic Bleached Haze flowers capture the essence of the festive season. Inspired by vintage themes, these flowers are a symbolic choice. A simple yet classy choice throughout the month. Infused with pure shades of white, they will represent simplicity and new beginnings. They evoke feelings like balance, clarity, and security. They will create a welcoming environment for you and your loved ones. Many also suggest that the colour is a good choice for those serving large meals. Flowers included in this array include Bleached Peacock Feathers, Natural Lagurus, and more! Together, they symbolise pride, glory, beauty, and diversity. Finally, for a large and dark coloured table, opt for the flowers in Jars.

White Wonderland

If you are looking for a classic option for flowers, look no further than our White Wonderland Christmas table flowers for centrepieces. Inspired by a magical snow forest, these flowers will allow you to lust into the holiday spirit. Additionally, they are embellished with modern yet classic colours, this assortment will suggest purity and peace. They will offer balance and a sense of protection too. Available in four unique sizes, choose the more petite-sized bouquet as a centrepiece for a medium-sized table. Blossoms included in this range encompass Bleached Ruscus, Champagne Asparagus Fern, and more. They will indicate humility, strength, protection, and luck.

Winter Meadow

For yet another timeless option for the holidays, the Winter Forest array is lovely and mystical. Imbued with traditional Christmas coloured flowers, the inclusion of a modernised accent. These Christmas flowers feature red, pink, blue, and green stems. Together, these colours will imply security, luxury, revitalisation, and tenderness. The fiery shades make these flowers an excellent choice for Dinner Flowers. The colours also increase appetite, making them more perfect for this occasion. Choose the medium-sized bouquet for a smaller table.

Captivating Christmas table flowers displayed in a timeless vase
Beautiful Winter Forest Flowers

Adore You

Another superb choice for dinner flowers is the Adore You flowers. Imbued with vibrant and eye-catching colours, these flowers would be party pleasers. The renowned Gothic Architecture inspires them; they will fit in with high ceilings and defined house designs. The colours characterise warmth, tenders, and gratitude. They also symbolise ambition, nurture, and beauty. That makes them an outstanding choice for a family dinner. This range includes flowers like Red Eucalyptus, Cinerea Eucalyptus, Mini Spear, and more. Place these elegant flowers in the kitchen or dining room. Go for the large bouquet to compliment smaller tables.


For an un-ordinary décor, the stunning Christmas flowers in Paradise are exotic. They have gorgeous and divine colours for an artistic and modern environment. Colours include pink, purple, and white. These blushing tints express thankfulness, family, security, and protection. The inclusion of purple flowers adds luxurious, magical, and mysterious elements too. The white flowers will bring a balance between the two elegant shades. This collection has flowers like Purple Broom, Orange Bloom, Craspedia, and Green Bloom. Jointly, this assortment suggests strength, abundance, purity, and innocence.

Divine Christmas table flowers photographed in a unique jars, for a timeless display
Pink Rebellion Dried Flowers Bouquet

Christmas Table Flowers, Dried Flower Bouquets for all Decors

These elegant dried flowers bouquets are created using a careful preservation method. To make them better, they last for years, not days. That way, you can appreciate them even after the holiday season is over. They don’t require watering or direct sunlight, so don’t worry about them maintaining their shape. They will be an admirable choice for all occasions, from Christmas Dinners to house decorations. If you have chosen your table decorations and want to know how to style Christmas flowers for other areas in the house, click here!

infinity rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers
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