Christmas Flower Displays for Festive Dorm Room Décor

Christmas Flower Displays for Festive Dorm Room Décor

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The holiday season is here. And what better way to celebrate this time than with Christmas Flower Displays. While some consider Christmas decoration only suitable for living rooms and dining rooms, decorating your room for the festive season is trending now more than ever. And student dorm rooms are no exception. So, if you're a student and want to decorate your room, we have the optimal Christmas flower arrangements. Our Christmas flower arrangements come in a wide range of festive colours that will allow you to lust into a winter wonderland. That way, even if you are spending the holidays away from your loved ones, you will still feel at home. So, when did the custom of decorating homes for Christmas begin?

The tradition dates back to ancient Egypt. People often decorate their places with green and red to offer warmth during those cold days. People believe that the Druids, Romans, and Vikings followed that tradition soon after. As for the Christmas tree ritual, it began in 16th century Germany. Many opted to decorate small green trees with candles, apples, nuts, and berries in a church play. Soon, people implemented these trees into their festive homes – spreading across Europe. It became popular in the Americas after a drawing of Prince Albert and Queen Victoria was published. The portrait showed the family celebrating with evergreens. That transformed the custom into a fashionable and wealthy practice.

Here, we have listed our top best Christmas flower arrangements for a mesmerising dorm room décor. So sit back, relax, and continue reading!

Hues of Tranquillity

For tranquilising and warm flowers, the Adore You bouquet is perfect. Adorned with fiery colours, these flowers will create a welcoming environment for all. It has warm colours like red and hot pink. Together, these elegant tints will connote romance, ambition, and courage. It will evoke sentiments like admiration, determination, and energy. These dried flowers are best suited for those with impulsive, risk-taking, and moody personalities. Flowers featured in this array include Red Eucalyptus, Cinerea, Mini Spear, and more. They will suggest resilience, purity, and balance. There are four sophisticated sizes, from the large bouquet to a smaller space.

A White Christmas

Featured in the Christmas collection, these Christmas flower displays create a snow atmosphere. Wander into an exciting snowfield with our gorgeous White Wonderland bouquet. Infused with shades of classic white and luxurious champagne. Together, these colours will imply class, luxury, and modesty. This includes hints of Champagne colour that will add a celebratory accent to the bouquet. Blossoms featured in this array are Bleached Ruscus, Champagne Asparagus Fern, and more. They will suggest humility, strength, protection, and luck. These flowers come in four unique packages, with the jar sizes designed to complement larger spaces.

Enchanting Christmas flower displays offered in a variety sizes, to accent all spaces
Stunning White Wonderland dried Flowers

Timeless Evergreen

Inspired by the magnificent Baroque Architecture, these flowers are a Christmas staple for all. The Urban Jungle flowers have revitalising shades of green and orange. That offers a natural, earth-toned bouquet. A classic Christmas bouquet, these flowers will also provide your décor with a breath of life. The colours denote energy, new beginnings, and hope. They will provoke feelings like optimism, happiness, and joy too. Blooms in this range encompass Amaranthus, Medium Sun Palm, Wheat, and more. Together, they will signify beauty, strength, loyalty, and appreciation.


Another winter-inspired bouquet is the magical Bleached Haze. The flowers in this bouquet are imbued with timeless and vintage colours that will catch everyone’s eyes. With this bouquet for Christmas, you will make no mistakes. Evade into a frosted forest by taking a glimpse at the natural white shades of flowers. The colours imply purity, innocence, and fresh beginnings. They also suggest freshness, balance, and simplicity.

Additionally, they evoke feelings like clarity, goodness, and hope. Flowers included in this array include Bleached Peacock Feathers, Natural Lagurus, and more! Together, they symbolise pride, glory, beauty, and diversity.

Heart-warming Christmas flower displays  shown in a set of medium and large bouquets
Stunning Bleached Haze Flowers

Winter Forest

For a classic yet modernised bouquet, look no further than the enchanting Winter Forest assortment. The stems will make for an artistic, innovative, yet classic bouquet. Together, the colours symbolise warmth, energy, and fresh starts. They also denote courage and ambition. That makes them an excellent choice for recent years, too. Flowers in this collection include Red Broom, Red Thistle, Green Carthamus and more. Jointly, these flowers denote strength, abundance, good luck, and love.

Christmas Flowers, Delivered Worldwide

We create our authentic flowers using a careful preservation method. What makes them even better is that they last for years, not days, allowing you to appreciate them for longer. They only require subtle dusting for them to maintain their shape. Watering and direct sunlight are not necessary. Since not everyone can be home for the holidays, we deliver flowers worldwide. That way, you can feel the Christmas atmosphere no matter where you are.

infinity rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers
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