A Black Friday Gift Guide For The Festive Season

A Black Friday Gift Guide For The Festive Season

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With Black Friday just around the corner, be prepared for all the discounts coming straight to you. We have prepared a Black Friday Gift Guide this year to help make this festive gifting period a little easier for you. If you are looking for a gift for your partner, your daughter, or a dear friend, we have it! The Christmas period is always a fun yet difficult time to shop in, which is why we want to help make this experience easier for you.

With the array of options we have available to you, we know you are bound to find what you are looking for here at Amaranté.  Every bouquet of ours tells a different story. Whether you want to say, ‘I Love You’, ‘Thank You’ or ‘Get Better’, the bouquet you pick will say everything you need it to. Read below to see which of our products are at the top of the Black Friday Gift Guide this year.

Gifts For the Home

The Winter Forest bouquet is an ideal choice if you wanted to gift this for someone’s home, or if you wanted to get it for your own home! Made up of trendy Christmas inspired foliage, Winter Forest is bound to brighten any home it is brought into this season. The bright reds surrounded by beautiful forest greens brings festivity into the home. Anyone who receives this gorgeous bouquet will be thrilled to decorate their home with it, in their dining room or the kitchen.

Dried Flowers: Winter Forest
Winter Forest Dried Flowers

This elegant décor piece is the perfect unconventional festive decoration to get for the home. Although it’s not a Christmas tree or doesn’t contain baubles, this bouquet radiates festivity in the best way possible. This alternative option as decoration also highlights sustainability. You could gift this to yourself! Why not buy something for you and your home that will make you feel more at home. Bringing you traditional colours, Winter Forest is a festive must this year!

Gifts For a Partner

The most popular Bleached Haze dried flower bouquet is a great choice for a gift for your partner. The extravagant bleached peacock feathers add to the minimalist elegance of this bouquet. Making it a loving gift for any partner this season. Reminding us of wintery snow landscapes, it’s the ideal choice for a partner. Our inclusion of the white infinity roses makes this a romantic bouquet you can express your love with to your partner. 

You can even think ahead to what Valentine's Day flowers to spoil your partner with as these flowers are sustained to last, meaning it's never too early to get your gifts ready!

Dried Flowers: Bleached Haze
Bleached Haze Dried Flowers

Perfect as a Christmas gift, or just because you want to give your partner some flowers on a random Tuesday evening. Bleached Haze is a great choice this Black Friday to put a smile on a loved one’s face. It would look perfectly fitting in any living room, hallway, or bedroom. The light-coloured foliage in this bouquet makes it an airy piece for homes with high ceilings. Bleached Haze is available in medium, small and jam jars also if you prefer a different size and wanted to spread out the beauty with jam jars.

Gift For the Little One

If you were looking for something to gift to a son or daughter to help decorate their bedrooms this Christmas, we recommend our jam jar sized bouquets. The subtlety of these jam jars is the perfect size for your son or daughter’s bedroom. While you can, grab during our Black Friday sale.

Dried Flowers: Pink Rebellion
Pink Rebellion Dried Flowers

We recommend our Pink Rebellion jam jars to liven up a teenage bedroom with some cute, classy elegance. You could also go for our Urban Jungle jam jars if your son or daughter prefers darker tones in their bedroom. Whichever one it may be, jam jars are the definite choice for your kids this Christmas.

Keep An Eye Out

Make sure you’re tuned in for our Black Friday sale! You do not want to miss this one. You can order next-day delivery or same day if you’re in London! Subscribe to our mailing system now so you can get the notification for our Black Friday sale next week.

infinity rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers 

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