Summer Sensations

Summer has always been a season full of light, laugher and warm sunset evenings. With your home naturally bright from the time you wake up to just before you go to bed, it can be hard to imagine life another way. But while summer can’t last forever, our dried flowers do last for years.

Why not keep your home feeling like summer all year round with beautiful bespoke bouquets of flowers that bring something special to your home, no matter the weather or the season. Each dried flower bouquet from our new collection has been specially designed with you in mind. We know that every home is different, and every room may require an elegant but unique touch that would not feel the same anywhere else. No matter what you’re looking for, our bespoke bouquets can effortlessly provide that warm summer glow all year round. 

Bleached Haze

Inspired by neutral seasonal pampas and naturally dried flower fields, Bleached Haze is a bouquet that truly makes a statement. With stark white shades and layered textures, give your home that elegant touch and let it shine as if it were bright and sunny all day every day. Plus, if you’re already a fan of our Rustic Meadow bouquet, then this could certainly be another favourite for you.

Dried Flowers in a bouquet: Bleached HazeBleached Haze Dried Flower Bouquet


For many, summer is all about that dauntless look. Inspired by bold, psychedelic colours and prints, Paradise is a dried flower bouquet that is perfect for those who thrive doing things their way and using decorative pieces to make their homes their own. This arrangement is a burst of colour, its bright neon tones successfully channelling the 80s trends of clashing colours and textured florals – ideal for anyone who wants to make their style known.

Dried Flowers in a bouquet: Paradise
The Paradise Bouquet 

Summer Heat

Summer by name and summer by nature, this bouquet truly channels the joys and glow that this season entails into bright and beautiful dried flowers. Inspired by the light and vividness that everyone loves about this time of year, Summer Heat is a bouquet that is constantly both sunny and warm, meaning that even when the sun isn’t shining, your flowers will be, making your home as airy and cheerful as if the sun were always shining.

Dried Flowers in a bouquet: Summer Heat
The Summer Heat Bouquet

Pink Rebellion

We know that summer is all about making statements that just wouldn’t fit within any other season and Pink Rebellion is a bouquet that does just that. Inspired by the Art Nouveau pale pink tones and shapes that were prominent throughout the 1930s, this delicate and fluffy arrangement has been designed for those that love being bold and ultimately, love pink.

Dried Flowers in a bouquet: Pink Rebellion
Our Pink Rebellion Bouquet

Lilac Skies

As much as we all love big and bright colourful statements, slightly more subtle pastel tones can be just as satisfying to bring something new into your home. Inspired by French lavender and Parisian architecture, Lilac Skies is a bouquet that has the power to perfectly complement any home, keeping it fresh and light for years to come.

Dried Flowers in a bouquet: Lilac Skies
Lilac Skies Dried Flower Bouquet

No matter your style or chosen décor for your home, dried flowers remain the lusting combination of being a stunning piece of decoration and the art that continually gives you that summer feeling all year round.

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