How to Say I Love You this Christmas

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Do you have a special someone on your mind? Whether they’re the love of your life or the co-worker you’ve always blushed over. Love, actually, is all around us.

We know how hard it is to tell someone you love them. Even in the longest, best relationships. Expressing yourself with words can feel not enough.

That’s why roses were invented!

Roses are the perfect way to show your affections. Not only are they closely related to love, but they have a ton of different meanings! You can look up the meanings if you want, but we thought we’d make it easier for you.

Here’s a list of some of our most popular roses in rose boxes for you to peruse. Let us find you the perfect way to say I love you for your intended this Christmas!

If you can’t say it on Christmas, when can you say it, eh?

Romantic Red for the Classics Among Us

Red roses have always symbolised romantic love. There is no better way to remind your partner that you love them than this!

Presenting your loved one with a red Christmas rose bouquet is an old class. There’s nothing wrong with that! A red rose has emotions of passion about it and is as old as romance itself. 

Who might like these kinds of flowers? The kind of person who takes life as it comes. 

Do you have a writer friend who makes a soft sigh when their coffee order is slightly wrong? An adventurous backpacker who’s always convincing you to go to the Yorkshire Dales with them? Does your significant other read Dracula, Frankenstein, Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre? Brighten their life with a red Christmas rose bouquet.

Our roses are guaranteed to keep your passion alive for years to come.

Christmas Rose Bouquet
Roses in a rose box for your romantic spirit

Luscious Lavender for Love at First Sight

A red rose will always symbolise the deep feelings of romantic love.  But the little spoken-of lavender rose is perfect for you to ask that special someone out for the first time.

The soft colours roll over each other plainly. Subdued feelings of burning desire softly make themselves known to your intended.  This is the best box to say “I love you” with, for sure!

Or, for an even more personal touch, you could send a single Infinity Rose acrylic jewellery box. Promising a flower for every day you’ve known them.

It’s risky, but what love isn’t?

Christmas is an important time. Is it finally time you pop the question? Then nestle your future within our lavender Christmas flowers.

Whatever way you wish to show your affection, your intended will be dazzled by the heavenly smell of lavender roses for many years to come. What better way to start a new anniversary with someone than with an everlasting gift?

Christmas Flowers in rose Boxes only from Amaranté
Lavender is truly the best flower to surprise your intended

Youthful Yellow for a long-time friend

Who said that love had to be romantic? There are too many important people in our lives to keep love just to a handful. Sometimes, your friends are the most important people in your life.

There are even many of us out there who don’t feel that romantic kind of love. That is completely normal and valid! For those of us out there without that typical romantic feeling, the yellow rose is the perfect flower for you this Christmas.

Long has yellow been a colour related to happiness, joy and friendship. It’s often been associated with new life and rebirth, a colour often used in Easter celebrations!

Send your best friend a bouquet of the most gorgeous yellow roses this Christmas. Remind them that as long as these flowers last, you two are inseparable. Mind you, our flowers last an extremely long time!

Show your friends your loving commitment to them this Christmas with our Yellow Roses in Rose Boxes.

Yellow to say I love you this Christmas
Be the best ally for your friends this Christmas

Pink Roses for Feminism and Gratitude

Sometimes, we all need a way to tell the people closest to us exactly how we appreciate the impact they’ve made on our lives. Words can often fail to express the sheer enormity of our feelings.

How do you tell your siblings how glad you are to be related? What way can you truly thank your parents for everything they’ve done for you over the years? How do you tell girlfriends how much you appreciate the strength they give you every day?

A Pink Christmas Rose bouquet can do just that, in a simple, elegant arrangement.

Pink Roses are the symbol of gratitude, grace and happiness, and perfectly encapsulate a wide range of emotions.

These soft pink colours are easy on the eyes, yet lively enough to brighten any room, no matter its function.

Placing them in their white round hatbox, these flowers will shimmer in the sun, and dazzle against candlelight. Or for a more sensual gift, they look sleek and cool in their black hatbox. It’s really up to you!

Pink has long since been a symbol of feminism. Celebrate your fellow woman with these gorgeously arranged flowers. Make a stand for equality this Christmas!

Rose boxes full of flower power
The perfect bouquet for women everywhere

Our Own Love for the World

However you choose to say it, we here at Amaranté want to help you say “I love you”. Not only that, but we will help you do so in a totally carbon-free way with our Christmas flowers.

That’s right! Every delivery of flowers we make from our farmers in Ecuador is fair trade and carbon neutral. That means you get our exquisite flowers without the worry of harming the world while you do so.

We truly love the world we live in. And we want to make sure everyone keeps loving each other too. That’s why we are one of the forerunners of environmentally-friendly flower delivery.

This Christmas, make a change for the better and give your love with confidence.

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