Rose Centrepieces for a Traditional Moroccan Wedding

Rose Centrepieces for a Traditional Moroccan Wedding

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If you're feeling inspired by trend destination weddings and worry about the logistics, feel encouraged to follow your heart. While shipping is a minor obstacle to overcome, these bouquet arrangements make it even easier.

Valley of the Roses

A popular location for many prospective brides and grooms is Morocco and for a good reason.

Morocco is a diverse country surrounded by the Mediterranean. It features eclectic cities such as Marrakesh and the breath-taking Atlas Mountains. A Moroccan Wedding is a vibrant celebration featuring exuberant colour palettes.

It's also where you will see Rose filled centrepieces to decorate tables. Many use hanging fixtures that shine above the party. At the same time, it has no official national flower, many associate roses with Moroccan culture. Locals have been using roses for cooking, oils, fragrance and cosmetics since the 10th century.

Every year, they have an annual festival in the Valley of the Roses, south-east of Marrakesh. So read on to find out how you can utilise these centrepieces for your dream Moroccan wedding. It is no wonder that only the best quality roses should be used when celebrating.

Essential Rose centrepieces for your special day
Light Pink Bridal Roses

Roses on Roses on Roses in Rose Boxes

Choose the Rose galore for the ultimate showcase of this country's culture.

Bridal roses in fourteen colours mean that you can create your colour scheme. To do so, many may tell you to choose at least three colours and weave gold through your designs.

Your wedding flowers express subliminal sentiments to your loved ones and guests. For example, rose centrepieces filled with yellow roses celebrate your happiness and friendships so you can show appreciation and gratitude for your friends and family's attendance.

Enchant Your Guests with Lavender Rose Centrepieces

For a well-rounded floral display, incorporate one of the rose colours in your table flowers and hanging fixtures into your bridal roses. A striking colour palette of yellow, pink and lavender says so much. A bride who strolls down the aisle with lavender roses demonstrates the essence of love at first sight. Likewise, a Moroccan bride may use these colours to compliment her dress and bridesmaids.

Preserved Rose centrepieces of Lavender Blooms
Lavender Roses in White Matte Hatbox

Wedding Flowers & A Wedding Gift in One

Flowers can be everywhere at a wedding. The floral wedding décor includes illustrious and delicate centrepieces encompassing roses, more miniature table decorations, bridesmaid wedding flowers, and many more.

In addition to this, the roses are naturally preserved to last for years without ever wilting. So your centrepieces will remain sumptuous and effortless for a minimum of one year.

That means you can plan your wedding at your own pace without worrying about your flowers lasting the journey to their destination. A preserved assortment can also be taken home and displayed by your guests to remind them of your magical wedding celebrations.

Timeless Wedding Decorations Direct to their Destination

International Shipping is available so that you can have your dreamy blooms delivered to the destination. You can be confident that they will arrive in immaculate condition too.

Because the florists will hand-make all your centrepieces and carefully curate a preserved range of bloom designs. If you have ordered anything that requires gift-wrapping, it will be done with the utmost care too. Hopefully, you have the right inspiration so you can pursue the wedding of your dreams. If you're still looking for wedding inspiration, you can explore other blogs here.

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