Different Dried Flower Arrangements That Represent Each Greek God

Different Dried Flower Arrangements That Represent Each Greek God

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There’s no greater example of the powerful forces of nature than the Greek gods. Their stories and legends are told ad nauseam around the world. Even making it to a massively successful Disney film (Which this writer believes is totally underrated, by the way!).

From Jason and the Argonauts to that weird and wacky Troy movie in 2004. The Greek myths capture our imaginations. They detail great heroes and extraordinary feats, jealous gods and pernicious humans.

These stories have even influenced modern-day superheroes. Superman and Captain America, for example. They resemble the likes of Heracles and Perseus.

What better way to celebrate their impact than imagining what dried floral bouquet these gods would get for themselves?

Think of it as a fun thought experiment!

The Best Flowers for the King of the Gods and Sky

Imagine Zeus, the lord of Olympus and head of the Greek Pantheon. Super-strong, with thunderous lightning bolts as weapons. Despite his rather scandalous stories and problematic attitude, (Go look for yourself!) Zeus still captures the Greek ideal of strength and male beauty.

For such a kingly god of lightning, the best option has got to be Bleached Haze. The dried floral bouquet has the elegance and grace of a god, with the sharp, yellowish hue of lightning. It’s the perfect choice for such a big guy like Zeus!

Dried Floral bouquet for a king
Bleached Haze Dried Floral Bouquet

Preserved Fresh Flower Bouquet for The Goddess of Love and Obsession

Aphrodite has her own laundry list of problematic qualities. For one thing, remember that weird Troy film? More or less, it’s Aphrodite’s fault. Her hubris is being obsessed with being the fairest woman of them all. That’s why a thousand ships sailed to Troy because Aphrodite was jealous Helen of Troy was fairer than she.

For such an obsessed lover, she has to be given the Adore You flowers. Their bright romance red colours. The bold explosion of brightness. All perfect for Aphrodite. Though perhaps it’s best to rename it “Adore me” flowers?

The perfect dried floral arrangement to say I love you
Adore you Dried floral arrangement 

Flowers for the Misunderstood Lord of the Underworld

Hades gets a bad rap. In the Abrahamic tradition, hell is a punishment. This has given the Greek underworld a villainous slant. This isn’t historically true. In the Greek’s time, the underworld was a part of life, neither good nor bad. Hades himself is relatively positive, compared to his extremely problematic siblings and cousins. His relationship with Persephone, goddess of nature, is one of the truest pairings in mythology.

Though Lilac skies would seem the obvious choice for Hades, the better one is Paradise. Too often is Hades described as a villain. I’m sure his cottagecore wife would love to look after these flowers too!

Preserved fresh flower bouquet for a loving couple
Paradise Eco Flowers

Flowers in Jars for the Princess of the Hunt

In a rare occurrence for the Greek pantheon, their goddess of hunting and fertility is the same woman. Coded as an asexual goddess, she often curses problematic men who dare offend her or her friends.

Artemis is a rugged and wild goddess, so Rustic Meadow has got to be her flowers! The wild colour combination is exactly the sort of thing Artemis would grow in her forest.

preserved fresh flower for a liberated woman
Rustic Meadow Eco flowers

Protect this Godly World

Like the gods of old, we all have to protect the world we call home. We’re the gods of our own stories and as such the stewards of our own domains.

Whether it’s recycling, or taking the bus, or buying flowers, make a choice to save the world we all love.

Stories like these are forever. What better of a story than the one where we all came together, to make a decision to stay carbon neutral? Like these flowers.

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