Forever Roses: Magical Wedding Ceremony Flowers and Luxury Wedding Favours

Forever Roses: Magical Wedding Ceremony Flowers and Luxury Wedding Favours

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There is undoubtedly more to getting married than simply organising a beautiful ceremony. In fact, this important step marks the beginning of a life-long commitment to your lover.

At the same time, a wedding ceremony is a beautiful occasion to celebrate the love and devotion between a bride and a groom. Every phase of the event involves meticulous planning: the reception, honeymoon, and wedding dress are just a few of the details that you should never leave to chance.

Gifts and flowers also play a crucial role on this special day. A team of skilled florists carefully handcraft a wide range of infinity roses in a hatbox, or jewellery box, that are perfect as luxury wedding favours, or wedding flowers for decorations on the day of the ceremony.

With the wedding season approaching, the team here prepared a few suggestions to help you choose the best roses for your wedding ceremony flowers.

Forever Roses for an Extra Special Wedding

Eternal Roses are real roses that make for a luxurious, long-lasting, and unique gift. The breath-taking infinity rose arrangements are guaranteed to maintain their exquisite look for at least one year.

Roses are among the most common flowers to see on display during wedding ceremonies and receptions. Their gorgeous petal shape works beautifully in both intimate and more formal ceremonies.

What makes these Roses exceptional is their flawless appearance and exquisite quality. Thanks to these unique features, these flowers are guaranteed to make your wedding extra special.

Captivating wedding ceremony flowers in a luxurious beige package
Majestic Red Roses

1. White Eternal Roses for the Best Wedding Ceremony Flowers

Flowers are some of the most popular gifts to give to newlyweds. However, white forever rose arrangements are genuinely the ideal present to celebrate this new beginning. In fact, the white rose has become the most popular bridal rose and is generally associated with marriage.

If the couple has not prepared a wedding registry, or if you are simply looking to surprise them with a unique gift, look no further. These roses have the power to keep memories alive for years, not days. This everlasting symbol of love will accompany the happy couple on their future life together.

You can choose to arrange the luxurious white infinity roses into handcrafted suede, cardboard, or clear acrylic boxes. The rose selection offers you countless choices to surprise the bride and groom with a fully customisable gift.

2. Sole Infinity Roses: Timeless Luxury Favours

Wedding favours may seem like an outdated tradition and a lesser detail than all the elements that go into your wedding day.

Choosing a unique luxury wedding gift to thank your guests and show them an appreciation for their presence on this special day is a thoughtful gesture. Roses are a new kind of luxury wedding gift that will surely make a great impression.

For example, the single rose in acrylic jewellery box is an excellent wedding favour that reminds your guests of your wedding day for up to three years.

The refined infinity roses arranged in jewellery boxes are available in fourteen different shades to match your wedding theme. The crystal-clear box is perfect for displaying the beauty of the infinity rose. However, the single drawer at the bottom of the box is what makes this arrangement genuinely unique.

In fact, you can use it to store a heartfelt thank you note for the guests. The preserved roses will maintain their luxurious appearance for at least one and as long as three years, making them the perfect wedding present to display in every home!

Blushing wedding ceremony flowers displayed in a dapper box
Elegant pink roses

3. Flawless Wedding Ceremony Flowers

Choosing a location and picking the perfect dress are challenging tasks when planning a wedding.

However, finding a florist to work with and the right wedding flowers to decorate your venue is all but simple. Additionally, if you are thinking about using fresh flowers, your choices will be limited to seasonal blooms.

Even worse, hundreds of beautiful flowers will naturally turn into waste once the ceremony is over. The Forever Roses are an equally luxurious but long-lasting décor element that will add an extra touch of sophistication to your wedding.

Roses in a box are the signature floral arrangement. We carefully handcraft each infinity rose composition so that you can customise your floral arrangement according to the theme and colours of your wedding ceremony. Pick your favourite rose and box colour combination to create stunning centrepieces and floral decoration.

But there's more to it. After the reception, you'll be able to gift the forever rose centrepieces to family and friends or, why not, take them home with you!

Tranquilising wedding ceremony flowers in a luxurious medium box
Stunning Peach Roses

4. Guest Favours: A Special Gift from the Happy Couple

Planning a wedding requires a lot of time and energy and may end up being an extremely stressful time. For this reason, the couple usually seek help from the special people in their lives.

It is customary for the newlyweds to give a special gift to the people who helped them get ready for their most important day. Be they friends or family members alike.

Preserved rose arrangements can be a sign of your everlasting love and bond for your parents or a thoughtful gesture of appreciation for a maid of honour.

A Unique Gift for Everlasting Wedding Memories

With their elegant appearance and luxurious look, infinity roses are the a wedding present to treasure as a memory of your wedding day, a once-in-a-lifetime celebration.

These versatile preserved roses also make for beautiful wedding flowers, a long-lasting alternative to fresh flower decorations and traditional wedding favours. Take a look at our Infinity Rose selection to pick the perfect forever rose arrangement for unforgettable wedding memories. 

infinity rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers

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