Brighten up your home with Amaranté's dried flowers

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Brighten up your home with dried flowers arrangements

In the past year, dried flowers have certainly grown increasingly popular. Aside from looking lovely on any coffee table or as centrepieces, they have the power to brighten up any space you decide to display them in.

Thanks to their maintenance-free nature, dried flowers are excellent for all spaces with little natural light or for your workplace. In fact, you won't need to provide them with extra care: your dried flowers will maintain their flawless look for up to three years.

We designed our dried flower arrangements exclusively with seasonal flowers, which we bring straight from the grower to you. Summer is approaching, and adding a bouquet of dried flowers to your home is an easy yet exquisite way to decorate your space on a budget.

Amaranté's dried flower arrangements

Rustic Meadow Dried Flower Bouquet in a vase
Rustic Meadow Bouquet in a vase
Rustic Meadow Bouquet on a dining table
Dried Flower Bouquet for Dining Room
Rustic Meadow Bouquet on a lunch table in the garden
Bouquet decorating a lunch table in the garden

At Amaranté, we put extra care into creating luxurious yet sustainable products. We take pride in providing you with exclusive flower arrangements that do not harm the environment.

For this reason, to create our dried flower collection, we use only seasonal and ethically sourced flowers that leave the smallest possible carbon footprint.

All our stems come directly from the cultivation site, where our team handpicks each flower from the grower. With every purchase of a dried flower bouquet, you can neutralise your carbon footprint by creating more O2 than CO2.

Thanks to our scientific preservation process, Amaranté's dried flower bouquets last for at least one year, making them the perfect sustainable alternative to fresh-cut flowers. We carefully handcraft each arrangement and place it in your favourite vase to create an authentic piece of art.

You can choose from a wide variety of seasonal bouquets to find the right combination of colours and shapes to complement your living or workspace. Keep reading to find out about some of our favourite dried flower bouquets.

The Spring-Time bouquet

Spring Time Bouquet in a Vase
dried lagurus, dried hydrangeas and other dried blooms
Closer view of the Blooms
Dried Blooms of this image are: Eucalyptus Cinerea, Bleached Ruscus, Mini Spear green, Lagurus natural, Wheat, Black broom, Gypsophila, and Eryngium Thistle
Gypsophila, dried lagurus, and other dried blooms

Our Spring Time bouquet represents a bold, fun choice, thanks to the dominant presence of the colour yellow, with splashes of purple and fuchsia. We guarantee this bouquet will instantly brighten any room.

This dried flower bouquet measures approximately 40 cm in height and contains between 18 to 25 stems of the following flowers and plants:

  • Eucalyptus Cinerea;
  • Bleached Ruscus;
  • Mini Spear green;
  • Lagurus natural;
  • Wheat;
  • Black broom;
  • Gypsophila;
  • Eryngium Thistle.

Amaranté's Spring Time bouquet is the perfect centrepiece to add a touch of colour to your living or workplace.

The Field Day bouquet

Field Day Bouquet - Preserved Flowers
Field Day Bouquet of preserved flowers in White Vase
Field Day Bouquet - zoomed view.
Field Day Bouquet (closeup view)
Preserved Flowers in a Bespoke Bouquet in a White vase.
Colourful Field Day Preserved Flowers

An elegant yet daring colour combination is the main characteristic of our Field Day bouquet. Because of the prominence of the colour purple, this floral creation immediately reminds one of summertime and lavender fields.

The bouquet also features fun pops of teal, making it ideal to complement any playful and colourful home.

This arrangement measures approximately 50-60 cm in height and contains between 30 and 40 stems of:

  • Delphinium;
  • ThistleLagurus;
  • Statice purple;
  • Limonium lilac;
  • Wheat teal;
  • Ruscus.

We beautifully hand tie and gift wrap all our floral arrangements. Once you receive your order, you'll just need to place the bouquet in your favourite vase to create the perfect floral arrangement.

The Rustic Meadow bouquet

The third option we present to you today is the Rustic Meadow bouquet. Our inspiration for this piece came from the whimsical magic of naturally dried flower fields. The neutral tones in this arrangement create a dainty but unique décor piece for your home or workplace.

The large Rustic Meadow arrangement contains around 30 to 40 stems. It includes:

  • Eucalyptus;
  • Bleached ruscus;
  • Pampas;
  • Miscanthus;
  • Bleached helecho;
  • Lagurus;
  • Cardus thistle;
  • Black broom;
  • Gypsophila (naturally preserved);
  • Wheat;
  • Medium fan palm.

The Rustic Meadow's delicate shades can match any different setting. You can choose to place your dried flowers into any kind of bright or colourful vase that you have at home. Depending on the design and colours of your home or workplace, you may choose the right vase to create a fully personalised arrangement.

How to best care for your dried flowers

Aside from always looking gorgeous, preserved flowers are also a practical and basically maintenance-free choice. Unlike their fresh-cut counterpart, they don't need any natural light, and you won't need to water them.

Moreover, you won't see your dried flower arrangement wither over time. Just by following our simple care tips, you will be able to enjoy your dried flower arrangement for up to three years:

1. Create the best environment for your dried flowers

The best way to preserve the original condition of your preserved flowers is to keep them in a room temperature environment. Although our flowers undergo a drying process, sudden temperature changes can damage them.

Avoid placing your dried flowers next to stoves, fireplaces, or heaters. Find a safe place to display them, and they'll maintain their attractive features for at least one year and up to three.

2. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight

As temperature changes, direct sunlight can harm dried flowers. For this reason, we recommend not placing your bouquet close to windows or sources of strong light.

3. Gently dust your dried flowers from time to time

Amaranté's preserved flowers will maintain their beauty and features for as long as three years. However, whether you place your flowers in your home or in your office, some dust may end up depositing on the blooms over time. Use a soft brush to gently clean the flowers and help them maintain their original colours.

4. Avoid direct contact with water

Dried flowers do not need to be watered. In fact, water and humidity can irreparably damage them. We strongly suggest you avoid placing them in your bathroom or in other humid areas of your home.

Amaranté's everlasting dried flowers

An Amaranté's dried flower bouquet is a sustainable and long-lasting alternative to fresh-cut flowers. We create our dried flower arrangements using exclusively seasonal and ethically sourced flowers. You can choose from a variety of flower combinations and, just by following our tips, your dried flower arrangement will brighten your home all year long.

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