Eco-Friendly Organic Dried Flowers For Your Home's Aesthetic

Eco-Friendly Organic Dried Flowers For Your Home's Aesthetic

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Decorating is always a fun job to do. But, it may get stressful at times. But, having control over how to decorate your own space is an empowering moment and, you want it to be as perfect as possible. Organic dried flowers will add the exact amount of class to your home that you require. The vast differentiating range of flowers sold here will fit many different home decors.

Eco flowers allow you to complete your home décor and, they do not require constant care and replacing. Instead, they become a staple in the home and create a long-lasting decoration piece you can enjoy for many years.

Minimalist Preserved Flower Arrangements

Suppose your home décor is minimalist and is full of neutral tones. Then the Bleached Haze is recommended to dress your home. The modern minimalist interior design replicates much of Scandinavian interiors. Vast amounts of space decorated with minimal furniture and neutral colours give it a clean finish. An essential part of Scandinavian interior decoration is natural lighting that creates a clean finish. Most of the time, the furniture will be directed towards large windows that allow a good amount of light in. Therefore, bleached preserved flowers would make a perfect fit for interiors such as this.

Organic Dried Flowers in a classic vase
Bleached Haze Eco Flowers

Lightened flowers would make an excellent fit for neutral interiors like this as they add to the room's ambience. These preserved flowers are made of trendy foliage that will keep your home chic and modern. For a more extravagant bouquet of organic dried flowers, go for the Large as it includes bleached flowers like peacock feathers. If you live in a bigger space and need pieces that provide height and definition, the large-sized will provide that. The royalty peacock feathers offer the perfect balance between extravagance and minimalism.

If your home is a smaller space with lower ceilings, go with the small dried flowers. The Bleached assortment in medium would make an ideal addition to your home. The pampas grass in this arrangement accentuates the minimalist feel this bouquet gives. Pampas grass has become popular in recent years to decorate your home. Suppose you are someone that would like small dried flowers in your home. This assortment in medium would elevate your interior. These create an elegant look in any home. It would fit perfectly in a minimalist space.


Maximalist interior décor is a vast range of colours and designs. The idea is the complete opposite of minimalism. Where the available space is not left unused. Maximalism uses a combination of vibrant colours with usually a darker base colour. The Urban Jungle organic dried flowers are great for interiors such as this. This bouquet reflects its name as it stands as an extravagant and fancy bouquet of florals. Perfect for the home of a maximalist.

Organic dried Flowers in a sophisticated range
Urban Jungle eco flowers

The iridescent feathers in these organic dried flowers add to the maximalist interior décor. Making your home look luxurious and fancy defines your interiors. To have these beautiful feathers in your home, look no further than this floral arrangement in a large. That way, the magnificence of these florals will shine through your home.

Colourful Pastels

If you are somewhere between a minimalist and a maximalist where you love neutral bases with pops of vibrant colours, opt for the Paradise flowers. The vibrancy of this bouquet will add that pop of colour you require in your home. This bouquet replicates a rainbow and, if you wanted this arrangement in a beautiful structured form, go with the large option. That way, it could liven up your feature wall in your dining room or your neutral-coloured hallway.

Preserved Flower Arrangements with Quick Delivery 

The bouquets are made to order with love and compassion, making sure every order comes to your home beautifully packaged. You can order for next day delivery if you need a last-minute housewarming gift.

infinity rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers
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