Fallen Leaves & Boho Dreams Dried Flower Bouquets

Fallen Leaves & Boho Dreams Dried Flower Bouquets

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In this third video of our most recent series on dried flower arrangements, I'm going to be taking you on a journey all the way from concept to creation of the dried flower bouquets and arrangements in our new collection. For those of you who are new to dried flowers and all the way to the budding artist, I'll be giving you industry insights to take you all the way from inspiration to creation. We are proud to work with fair trade farmers to deliver environmental friendly flowers that last years, not days. In fact, all our preserved flowers are ethically sourced from Fairtrade farms. All our preserved flowers will last up to three years. By purchasing a bouquet from our dried flower arrangement collection, you are buying the most sustainable alternative to fresh flowers.

The New Dried Flower Bouquet Collection 

The vibrant, rich, warm tones that are really prominent in this collection are derived from Autumn. When I started this collection, I really looked into the different shades and textures that the season brings. There were many colours I worked with many colours in this collection: yellows, burnt reds and oranges, all the way up to brown.

I delved a little further into this and thought about which flowers would usually grow at this time of year: wheat, oak leaves changing colour, Carthamus and Pampas. Nowadays, people tend to appreciate these warmer tones to decorate their homes. Matching these colours with what would generally be considered a fresh colour to give these hues different dimensions to what we would typically use or expect.

Fallen Leaves is a really show-stopping bouquet. This bespoke bouquet was massively popular when we launched our last collection of dried flowers, probably because it's the arrangement that looks most like a fresh flower bouquet. You all loved this bespoke bouquet so much, we brought it back in a smaller size and in Mini vase form, so you can style this in multiple ways. The bright Achillea and Helichrysum work perfectly against the darker Eucalyptus and red broom but don't interfere with the gorgeous Protea we have included as a focal flower.

This warm floral arrangement is gorgeous in this cooler-toned navy kitchen. It fits in seamlessly, as mentioned on my inspiration board. The colours contrast so beautifully against each other. It really adds that pop of colour to an otherwise quiet dark space.

Boho Dreams is another beautiful dried flower arrangement available in this collection which comes in two sizes. This bouquet that started with a very monochromatic look. I wanted to create something that just used brown colours. Although it's stayed relatively neutral, it still evokes all those cosy, toasted autumnal feelings.

This bouquet has pushed through just being neutral through the use of the deep browns, and I think it's really unique to anything else I've seen. The arrangement really reminds me of the quite trendy cow-hide rugs and brown leather look. So I'd style this in a Scandi looking room, next to a toughened leather sofa finished with some faux fur cushions to tie the look together.

I chose the black vase, so all of the stunning bright colours we've used will really stand out. A small rustic vase for this floral arrangement plays on the more natural shades we have used and a jade green vase for the larger bouquet to make it look more elevated and chic.

The natural and neutral shades of colour in this lovely bouquet of dried flowers tie in beautifully with the wood within the room.

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