Pink Dried flowers, Bespoke Bouquets From Concept to Creation

In this episode, we’re going to be taking you on our journey all the way from concept to creation for each Pink arrangement in our collection of dried flowers: Vintage Bloom and Pink Charm Jars.

For the floral novice all the way to the budding artist, we’ll be giving you all the industry insights to take you all the way from inspiration to the creation of a bespoke dried flower bouquet.

The Amaranté dried flowers collection is exclusively designed with seasonal and ethically sourced preserved flowers produced on Fairtrade farms and coming straight from the grower. Our flowers leave behind the smallest possible carbon footprint. Each floral arrangement lasts for at least one year and as long as three years if preserved properly. Our dried flower bouquets are the perfect sustainable alternative to fresh flowers. We believe luxury should not cost the Earth. Our profits support global reforestation projects, making our preserved flowers a carbon-neutral purchase.

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Pink Dried Flowers for Bespoke Bouquets

Pink is easily my favourite colour – it’s so versatile, fun and playful, and I love how I can create so many moods with the different shades of pink.

The colour has been quite prominent in interior trends for a while now, and I personally love seeing it used in more 1920s/Art Deco style homes. I wanted to create a couple of arrangements which had a vintage feel to them, which the dried flowers do, but still make them really up to date.

I’ve used stems like Limonium and hill flower which are old favourites but mixed them up with trendy Fan Palms and Babla. Fan Palms and Babla inject a bit of life and really rework people’s thoughts about dried flowers.

After pulling together all of my inspiration, I started looking at flowers that had a more vintage feel in their tones. Both the Helichrysum and bleached Ruscus lean towards the more typical idea people have of dried flowers, so I wanted to elevate them a bit more and give them a new dimension using pink Helecho and Babla.

It plays on both neutral shades, but the pale pinks add a more subtle pop of colour. These are relatively new and trendy items, so this bouquet called “Vintage Bloom” will absolutely inject some design-led floristry into your home.

Architectural shapes that can be seen in this fan palm, for example, work really nicely in homes because they add another layer of interest and depth. Their shape is unlike any other you’d be used to seeing in a home, and they create a real talking point.

As mentioned, the pink arrangements in this collection were inspired by the 1920s, so pale soft pink furnishings such as curtains or cushions within your room will complement these dried flowers beautifully.

I chose to style Vintage Blooms in a reflective golden vase to really offset the colours and tie into that 1920s look I was after. Mirrors, for example, were popular at that time, so by choosing this vase, we can really complete the look.

Our pink charm mini vases are the cutest gift for yourself or any loved one. Once again, playing on the shapes, textures and colours reminiscent of the era, these playful jars will surely brighten up your side table, fireplace or windowsill. We’ve also included some gorgeous scented Lavender to make this extra special.