Answers to questions around Dried Flowers and Dried Flower Bouquets

Answers to questions around Dried Flowers and Dried Flower Bouquets

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Dried Flowers are eco-friendly and have become popular because of the many benefits as an alternative to fresh blooms. Dried flower bouquets are not only  environmentally friendly, but also last for years not days. In fact, all our forever flowers are guaranteed to last for at least one year and as long as three years when kept out of direct sunlight and away from air conditioning outlets.

Forever flowers are the perfect choice for a wedding or a colourful dried flower bouquet to decorate your living room, bedroom or office space.

An Array of stems that celebrate and respect Nature

A dried flower arrangement captures and preserves the beauty of nature and are very low maintenance. Our colourful collection of dried flower bouquets feature, for example:

  • Eucalyptus
  • Bleached Ruscus
  • Pampas
  • Miscanthus
  • Bleached Helecho
  • Stems of Lagurus
  • Cardus Thistle;
  • Broom;
  • Gypsophila;
  • Stems of Wheat
  • Fan Palms

Along with other dried blooms in a variety of styles, colours & textures.

Frequently Asked Questions 

We have prepared a list of answers to frequent questions about dried flowers. People ask many questions with the increase in awareness about forever flowers and their low environmental impact and a unique beauty.

We were surprised and fascinated to learn how many questions people have asked our support team - questions like:

  • Is there a particular meaning behind dried flowers?
  • Are dried flowers real?
  • How long does a dried flower arrangement last?
  • What are dried flowers used for?
  • Is it bad luck to keep dried flowers?

We can start by answering this last question: It's not bad luck to keep or give dried flowers to someone!

Here is an ongoing list of questions people like you have asked about our dried flowers over the course of time. We hope you have found the answer to your questions. If not contact us or give us a call now at 0204 525 6518 or, if you like, use WhatsApp.

Answers to frequent questions about dried flower Arrangements

  1. What are dried and preserved flowers?
  2. How are your forever flowers preserved?
  3. Are forever flowers real flowers?
  4. Do you ever use fake flowers?
  5. Does a dried flower bouquet require special care?
  6. How long do forever flowers last?
  7. Do forever flowers maintain their scent?
  8. Why are dried flowers sustainable?
  9. Can I order dried flower arrangements online?
  10. When will my order arrive?
  11. Do you ship overseas?
  12. How are these flowers packaged?
  13. Do dried flowers have a special meaning?
  14. Can I place these flowers outside?
  15. Do you offer same-day delivery?
  16. I’m seeking a dried flower arrangement as a gift. What would you recommend?
  17. I would like to purchase a dried flower bouquet as a gift. Can I add a card message?
  18. I am buying dried flowers as a gift. Will the receipt be in the box?
  19. Do you offer Wedding flowers?
  20. Do dried flowers give you hay fever?
  21. Do you have a Return policy?

What are dried flowers?

Dried flowers, also known as preserved flowers, are real. They have either been dried out to keep their original colour and shape or preserved using special products that give the stems a different colour and keep its natural scent.

How are your forever flowers preserved?

Typically, the procedure is to harvest the blooms and hang them upside down for approximately one week in a warm environment so they dehydrate naturally. In most cases, when flowers dry they become a little brittle, however they maintain their shape and colour.

Our preserved flowers, known as forever flowers, are produced using real fresh cut flowers. Amaranté has perfected a process based on plants and natural products. These products help retain the flowers colour, shape and in most cases their scent!

Forever Flowers are non-toxic and biodegradable.

Are forever flowers real flowers?

Yes – both our forever flower collections are 100% real flowers. Our products are dried and preserved using special methods that allow them to last years, not days.

Do you ever use fake flowers?

Never – fake flowers are usually made from plastic and are therefore not beneficial for the environment. Amarante London prides itself on using real flowers sourced from Fairtrade and B-Corp Certified Sustainable Flowers. 

We create luxury that doesn't cost the Earth.

We are unique in our methods, in that we hold zero stock. By doing so, we don’t create any waste. For every flower picked and shipped, there is a certain amount of CO2 emitted. By respecting the produce, we are ensuring that we create the least carbon emissions possible.

After sourcing directly from the farm, every arrangement is hand-made in the UK  to order. Hand-making our bouquets right here in the UK aids in our effort to reduce waste. We only pick what we need, to maintain the highest degree of responsibility and ethical standards. 

Does a dried flower bouquet require special care?

Dried Flower bouquets can often look beautiful with little to no maintenance. Here are some tips on keeping them looking their best for the longest time:

  • Do not water them. Any water/humidity can cause dried flower arrangements to mould and will decrease their lifespan.
  • You should avoid touching the flowers as much as possible. The natural oils on human hands can sometimes cause discolouration or damage to the stems.
  • Try to avoid direct sunlight – this can sometimes cause the vibrancy of the flowers to fade; therefore, the dried and preserved flowers should be kept indoors.
  • Due to the long-lasting nature of the flowers, they can sometimes get dusty. You can use a feather duster to lightly dust your arrangement or a hairdryer on a cool, low-power setting to remove any dust particles.

How long do forever flowers last?

If they are looked after correctly, forever flowers look beautiful and last for up to three years. Our eco-friendly process guarantees they will last at least one year and as long as three years. Please refer to the previous question for more details on how to look after forever flowers.

Do forever flowers maintain their scent?

Some stems that are preserved in a plant-based product can retain their original scent. For example, Eucalyptus keeps its scent that we all know and love. We do not recommend spraying these flowers to add scent, as this could damage them. You could add a small drop of essential oils into the arrangement. However, please be aware this may shorten their lifespan.

Why are dried flowers sustainable?

Dried flowers are a much more sustainable alternative to fresh flowers for many reasons:

  • Unlike the fresh flower industry, dried flower stems are grown outside in fields and therefore not intensely farmed inside a greenhouse.
  • Growing flowers naturally reduces the number of chemicals being transmitted into the environment.
  • A dried flower bouquet will last for as long as three years, producing little to no waste. On the other hand, fresh flowers are consistently farmed and then thrown away in a matter of days.

Can I order dried flower arrangements online?

Absolutely! Amaranté London can offer a variety of dried flower arrangements that will fit any home environment, office space and are also elegant wedding flowers that will fit any wedding theme you may have in mind. Each design is made to order, again ensuring we have no waste.

When will my order arrive?

  • Upon checkout, all our clients will be able to select their desired delivery date – all the way from same day to specified date delivery.
  • Same day London delivery (Mon-Friday) in London, dependant on postcode, prices will vary.
  • Weekday Delivery - Free UK Delivery (Mon-Fri) orders will arrive the next day when ordered by 4pm.
  • Saturday Delivery - £4.99, all orders will arrive by Sunday when they are placed no later than 12pm.
  • Sunday delivery - £4.99, order by 12pm for next working day delivery.
  • Specified Date Delivery - Free guaranteed delivery on a date of your choice.
  • Click and Collect - Collect your flowers for free from us during the week and weekends.
  • Every customer will receive a confirmation of their order stating which delivery method has been chosen.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes! Amaranté London delivers beautiful preserved floral arrangements all across the world. International orders often reach their destination within 1-3 working days, however we recommend you plan your order at least 5 working days just to be extra sure. For more details see our International Delivery Page

How are these flowers packaged?

Our Flowers are carefully wrapped in protective paper, finished with a satin ribbon and tied securely into our packaging boxes. Our packaging technique stops the flowers from moving and avoids damage. The stems then have tissue paper placed on the top for another layer of protection.

Each order comes with a care card, so all our clients will receive information on how to look after their dried flower bouquet.

You will enjoy a WOW unpacking experience.

Do dried flowers have a special meaning?

Lots of people are choosing to buy forever flowers because of their low environmental impact. They are very on-trend because they are much more sustainable than their fresh alternative.

They can be used to dress a wedding or any other significant event and then be kept as a reminder of the day and act as a special keepsake. Flowers carry a lot of sentimental value, and drying the stems out is the best way to keep them for a long time.

Can I place these flowers outside?

We do not recommend keeping your forever flowers outside. The moisture or humidity in the air may cause the stems to mould. During the warmer months of the year direct sunlight will almost certainly cause the colours to fade.

Do you offer same-day delivery?

Yes! Amaranté London is proud to announce we are currently able to deliver same-day within London – please enquire at checkout or call our Customer Service Team who can assist you with this. Please note how Prices may vary due to postal code.

We also proved a unique Click & Collect Service if you are looking for a florist in East London near you

I’m seeking a dried flower arrangement as a gift. What would you recommend?

A Dried Flower arrangement is a beautiful gift to dress the home for any occasion. We would always recommend a gift that will go nicely with the décor in the recipient's home or office. You could choose a colour that will match perfectly, e.g. Fallen Leaves Large Bouquet for a warm orange living room. You might consider a colour that will contrast to add a pop of colour to the home, e.g. the Field Day Bouquet in a yellow room.

I would like to purchase a dried flower bouquet as a gift. Can I add a card message?

Of course – we offer a free gift message with every order. Your gift message card will be included in a beautifully packaged flower box for the ultimate unboxing experience.

I am buying dried flowers as a gift. Will the receipt be in the box?

No, prices will be shown on the website and on your order confirmation/receipt only. We do not add invoices or receipts into your box, so your loved one will not know the bouquet's price.

Do you offer Wedding flowers?

Yes! Please visit our wedding flowers page. 

We offer a range of ready to wear collections perfect for your wedding or civil ceremony. Each collection features a bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquet, buttonhole flower, wedding centrepiece and selection of dried flowers in jars.

Do dried flowers give you hay fever?

Luckily for any hay fever sufferers, all dried flower arrangements do not contain pollen! All the live particles that cause the hay fever will have dried out, so they are safe for all to have indoors.

Do you have a Dried Flower Returns policy?

As every Dried Flower bouquet is made to order, we unfortunately do not accept returns or exchanges unless the product is damaged. If we accept a refund, the bouquet will need to come back to us within its original packaging box.

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