Your Minimalist Aesthetic Fixed with Christmas Flower Decorations

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Believe it or not, Christmas is finally upon us. With illuminating decorations glistening everywhere and the festive spirit already in the air. There is no better time than now to decorate your home with Christmas floral assortments. The trick of going about stark décor is choosing Christmas Flowers that are appropriate for the crisp winter season and the holidays. So what are the latest Christmas Décor trends, you may ask? Minimalism.

While people think that minimalism means own little to no possessions, it doesn't mean you can't add a little Christmas joy through timeless florals. So keep on reading to learn more about the history of minimalist décor and the Idyllic florals to pick this season!

Elegant Christmas Flower decorations photographed in a close up
Lilac Skies Blooms for Christimas

People believe that Minimalist design began in the mid 20th century while influencing architecture in the 1920s. Renowned architect Van der Rohe was the first to use such creations in his methods, notably after World War II. His artwork soon became popular due to the availability of numerous modern elements and objects, from glass to concrete and steel.

In interior design, minimalism encompasses simple furniture, artworks, and paintings. It also revolves around using natural, outdoors-inspired colours and objects, like plants. Read the guide below for stems that will fit well for simple yet elegant décor.

Fern for an Stylish Christmas Floral Array

Nothing says minimalist quite list Ferns. According to design experts, when laid out strategically, evergreen plants can become an extravagant part of any minimalist decoration. They would add earth toned elements to the aesthetic while providing you with nature inspired energy.

According to legends, Ferns are one of the world’s oldest plants. They date back to the Middle Devonian times, 383-393 million years ago. Most of the older plants are extinct. Rhacophytale, a group of plants, are some of the earliest prototypes of Ferns. Today, Ferns are one of the most commonly used plants around the globe.

Different cultures use these plants in different and unique ways. In Victorian Era Britain, people chose Ferns for decorative art, pottery, textiles, sculptures, and more. That then led to Wardian cases to protect the plants while used indoors.

Captivating Christmas Flower decorations  in a dapper large vase
Ferns within White Wonderland Bouquet

These blooms are in Folklore too. For instance, in Slavic Folklore, people think that whoever sees a Fern has a guarantee for a happy and prosperous life. So, imbued with revitalising green shades, they are a characteristic option as Christmas flower decorations.

Lavender Blooms

Minimalism centres around simplicity, and what better way to provoke this than with Lavender blossoms. The colour provokes sentiments like nurture, calmness, and support too. It also is a symbol of spring, care, and femininity. These florals are used in bedrooms. They support the reduction of stress and anxiety. Lavender belongs to the Mint Plant family, Lamiaceae.

Tranquilising Christmas Flower decorations shown in a variety of sizes and bouquets
Lilac Skies Preserved Flowers for Christmas

Its native home is the Old World and is grown widely in Cape Verde, Canary Islands, Europe, and other parts. Many use them for landscape purposes and culinary herbs while extracting their oils. For centuries, people have used them in cosmetics and for medical purposes. With the calmness they bring, they are an excellent choice for this season.

Buy Dried Flowers, Go Simple and Green this Festive Season

These dried flowers are created using a unique preservation method. That way, you can enjoy them for years, not days. What makes them even better is that they come in an assortment of colours and bouquet sizes that makes them an outstanding choice for all. So, this Winter, go the sustainable way to protect the planet. If you have chosen your Christmas flower decorations and find yourself looking for Christmas table designs, click here to read more.

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