Celebrate Chosen Family With Dried Flowers

Celebrate Chosen Family With Dried Flowers

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Friendships are one of the best things about the human experience. It offers an opportunity to choose spectacular people to grow old with and share precious moments. You create memories that last a lifetime, and it's always great to celebrate them.

Buying flowers for friends means expressing special subliminal messages using organised blooms. Floriography is a tried-and-tested means of communicating. It can often allow us to say more than we can with words. Eco flowers curated into artful pieces are an everyday reminder of the love of individuals.

Show Appreciation with Balanced Beige

A talented team of florists experiment with many different colour palettes and seek inspiration everywhere. If you're choosing flowers for a friend, explore some of the versatile themes created here.

The first colour scheme to explore is the dark neutrals dried flower bouquet. Rustic Meadow is a timeless display, and when choosing flowers that represent friendship to a friend, they're a knockout.

Their effortless poise comes from their deep green foliage, muted tones and layered effect. Lofty Pampas Grass alleviates these preserved flowers with its height and fluffy texture. The creamy tones that go with this display have a special meaning too. Beige symbolises dependability and comfort. Hence, an elegant display of inviting beige tones demonstrates appreciation for these qualities. These flowers for a friend will last for at least one year, so you can remind them all year round of how much they mean to you.

Gift Flowers That Symbolise Friendship
Sustainable Rustic Flowers

Celebrate Confidence, Warmth and Adventure

If the flowers that symbolise the friendship you had in mind were vibrant and eye-catching, then you must have a fun companion. When gifting these symbolic flowers, it's common to choose something that captures them as an individual. For charismatic friends, opt for a more vibrant dried flower bouquet. The psychedelic Paradise bunch represents what you love in your extroverted friends. Think confidence, charisma, adventurousness and many more.

These blooms feature playful pinks, glorious greens and sunny yellows in the form of seasonally sourced stems. Bountiful Hill Flower Pink and charming green Bunny Tails make this bouquet a statement. Such a display symbolises admiration and love towards a friends' contagious personality. A plethora of yellow stems such as bumbling Craspedia will convey messages of pleasure, happiness and warmth. Perfect for presenting flowers to a friend, whether it's a graduation, engagement or new home celebration.

Flowers to Symbolise Friendship: The Paradise Bouquet
Paradise Dried Bouquet Floral Arrangement

Flowers for a Friend That Take Them Elsewhere

Another favourite when picking out a floral arrangement for a friend is this warm and cosy burnt floral display. You're looking at a floral design that pulls its inspiration from a late August sunset. Thus, florists here produced an inviting array of fiery shades and layered with complementary oranges and yellows. Gifting the Summer Heat flowers to a special friend is like packaging the bucolic feeling you get while gazing into the depths of a blazing sunset.

This fiery arrangement tingles the senses because these flowers carry such beautiful sentiments. To be specific, Achillea is symbolic of everlasting love, bravery and courage. If these are the qualities you want to celebrate then this should help in your search for flowers for a friend. Choose one or two specific stems in your bouquet to make it meaningful to your friendship.

Large & Medium Preserved Flower Displays
Sustainably Sourced Sunny Stems

Flowers to Symbolise Friendship, Cherished For Years

All these recommendations apply no matter where you buy your flowers from. Although you won’t find more sustainable flowers that also last for years.

Explore these one-of-a-kind designs at your leisure here. We hope we’ve inspired you to celebrate with your friends through the art of flowers.

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