What Flower To Get Your Nerdy Friend Based on Their Likes

What Flower To Get Your Nerdy Friend Based on Their Likes

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When the world feels at its most bleak, when we're stuck inside, it’s a healthy thing to let your mind wander. To explore the wide-open spaces of nameless worlds. Or trudge through damp and dingy dungeons in magical lands.

Nerd culture has exploded in popularity. No more are people who like Sci-fi or fantasy exiled to the basement. Even Henry Cavil can say on TV he builds and paints miniature plastic Warhammer figures. Nerds are part of the mainstream now.

Why not give your especially nerdy friend a bouquet of preserved dried floral stems? These flowers are for friends who need them the most. It brightens their day and makes their rooms smell heavenly.

Explore the Depths of Space

The final frontier has always taunted us from afar. The siren call of space is one every child hears when they look up at an especially stary night sky. For centuries we’ve wondered what’s out there, and the more we learn, the less we seem to know.

Space is exciting. It’s unknowable. It’s dark and edgy, but can also be plucky and heroic. From Star Wars to Trek, to Doctor Who and Starship Troopers, nothing beats Lilac Skies for its mystery.

These dark, brooding colours combine to make a stunning array of star-like florals. These flowers are for friends who love that mystery and take excitement in finding it.

Flowers for a dreamer in dreamy purple and white
Lilac Skies Dried Flowers

Let the Games Begin

Gaming has been a concept since societies existed. Where there was work to do, there’s been games to avoid doing it. From the humble dice and chess to plastic mini-figures and video games. People love to waste time together.

These hobbies are wide-ranging and multifaceted. From professional painters and game streamers showing off their skills. To a group of university students avoiding deadlines. The Urban Jungle is the quintessential collection of dried floral stems for these friends.

These flowers are for friends who need a bit of colour in their life. They are stunning in their muddy, post-modern colours. Rich, bold greens expertly highlighted by the subtle blues, oranges and reds.

Urban and sophisticated flowers for friends
Urban Jungle Flowers

Super Best Friend Flowers

You’d have to be living under a rock to not notice the rise of superheroes recently. Marvel’s cinematic universe has exploded into the imaginations of the entire world. And the likes of Superman, Batman, and all their villains have kept us entertained for many years.

Comics are all about pulpy, colourful fun, action and adventure. So Paradise is the perfect fit!

An explosion of colour, with a punchy contrast of different styles coming together to make one spectacular assortment of dried floral stems.

Multicoloured and beautiful flowers for friends
Paradise Flowers

Now it's Your Turn to Roll

Fantasy has captured imagination ever since J.R.R. Tolkien first told us all about a stumpy grumpy hobbit living in a hole in the Shire.

As new heroes join the table, such as Geralt of Rivia or Harry Potter, why not make your own fantasy a reality?

There are many table-top games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Dungeon World, Masks and more. Each game is a spectacular way to engage with original, heartfelt, collective storytelling.

Nothing better suits that than a bunch of Rustic Meadow flowers for friends. Hearty, country colours give a burning desire to explore. The dim tones and muted natural aspect only adds to the beauty and wonder.

Homely and natural flowers for friends
Rustic Meadow Flowers in a Bouquet

Be a Friend to the World

Not only will your friends enjoy these flowers but they’re also great for saving this planet.

Many other flower bouquets are freshly cut and last for a few days before dying. These dried floral stems are guaranteed to last up to 3 years at least!

Our sustainable and special preservation method uses natural oils and sap to keep these flowers blooming and beautiful for years to come.

When you’re buying flowers for friends, make sure you buy them something that saves the planet some stress.

Amaranté Dried and Preserved Flowers
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