Bringing Dried Flowers Into Art-Deco Interiors

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Explore why floral arrangements with dried flowers are the next addition to your crafted Art-Deco interior.

Art-Deco interiors come from the visual art style that spanned the ‘Roaring Twenties.' It is decadence and glamour in the form of luxury materials, craftsmanship and modernity. Modelling your home on this inspiration is daring and we love it. Like us, you love experimenting with different shapes, colours and structures.

Art-Deco focuses on slick and geometric design. This being said dried florals contrast but do so in a way that brings attention to both. The combination of the two is reminiscent of famous artists such as Antoni Gaudí. He combined the natural world with architecture in designs such as the Sagrada Família. Turn your home into an artwork itself and give it life with preserved flowers that can become a long-time fixture.

A Romantic Touch

For interiors that want a romantic vibe to complement their innovative structures, we know what you need. Preserved floral arrangements made up of lavish red roses and trailing Amaranthus. See the Adore You bouquet for all your inspiration. What’s great about this dried flower bouquet (and all our others) is the abundance of colour. Filled with ruby red blossoms it creates a sensual atmosphere in any room.

Art-Deco floral design reflected the liveliness of the time, so you would have found flowers cascading and overflowing. Floral arrangements fashioned like Adore You achieve this. Florists packed this full of texture, shape and everlasting beauty.

Dried Bouquet with Roses
Adore You Forever Flowers

Art-Nouveau Meets Art-Deco

Earlier this year, our florists pulled inspiration for the Pink Rebellion bouquet from the Art-Nouveau movement. Also prominent in the 1920s. This movement existed alongside Art-Deco, which focused more on architecture. This dried flower bouquet pays homage to the sensational flapper dresses that were on the scene. You'll see this in the form of fluffy pink Pampas and Phalaris.

So if you want your home to relate more to the feminine, Gatsby-esque end of the spectrum, preserved floral arrangements like this will work perfectly. Our flower specialists included Spray Rose in light pink to add some vintage charm too. Put these flapping flowers in your home to keep it playful and flirty.

Preserved Floral Arrangement with Pink Dried Flower and Rose Display
Preserved Floral Arrangement with Pink Preserved Flowers

Exotic & Functional

In eclectic homes with this inspiration at their core, you will find copious statement pieces. An easy way to add these pieces without enclosing a room. Dried flower bouquets styled like the Urban Jungle display make a statement with their deep, woody shades. Not to mention intricate textures and geometric structures. Thus they are very much into the Art-Deco style.

Feature preserved flowers like this against a white backdrop. Then surround them with your favourite frames for the ultimate eclectic aesthetic. Immerse yourself in the Art-Deco world and get experimental. Place animal-print in your décor and create a subtle theme in your space. Peacock Feathers among dark green Eucalyptus will accessorise this theme even more so.

Dark Neutral Eco Dried Flowers
Preserved Floral Arrangements: Urban and Neutral Dried Flowers

Preserved Florals Keep Your Art-Deco Home Fresher For Longer

Our preserved floral arrangements are seasonal stems that we responsibly source from our B-Corp farm in Ecuador. We preserve your blooms to maintain their enchanting beauty, flawless texture and exciting shape for years, not days. Don't waste money and time on keeping your home full of life. Whether or not this is the kind of aesthetic you're into, we're sure we'll have something to inspire your interior design dreams. Check out our other blogs here for more ideas.

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