Gorgeous Eco Friendly Flowers for Breast Cancer Awareness

Gorgeous Eco Friendly Flowers for Breast Cancer Awareness

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Breast cancer awareness month is upon us, and fragrant eco friendly flowers are perfect for letting someone know you have them in your thoughts. The magnificent infinity roses come in an array of fourteen delicate colours that are lovely eco gifts for her. Even better is that you can also gift them as sympathy flowers.

Each glorious rose holds a symbolic message that will make your gift even more personal. So, when did this tradition start?

Over the Years

Founded in 1985, this event began as a collaboration between the American Cancer Society and the Imperial Chemical Industries. The occasion aims to use mammography as a form against fighting breast cancer. In 1993, the vice president of Estee Lauder companies, Evelyn Lauder, discovered the Research Foundation. It was also then that the pink ribbon was being used to symbolise this occasion.

Activities to raise understanding include running marathons, walking, and using pink lighting for specific buildings. So, how do flowers help with Cancer awareness? Flowers provide positive mental health and uplifting feelings, making them ideal at fighting the condition.

Here are the top eco flowers to characterise this celebration.

A Classic Symbol

For classic eternal roses, look no further than the Pink Roses. These gorgeous roses have blushing pink petals that imply many personal messages. The colour represents love, appreciation, and kindness. That is why they are ideal for anyone, from family to friends. They also provide tranquilising effects as well as sympathy.

It is also believed that pink relieves stress and anxiety and has a nurturing effect. These roses also come in a hot pink variety that is excellent for a more robust expression of these emotions.

For Someone Special

If your special someone is battling cancer, the romantic Red forever Roses are idyllic. These flowers are embellished with vivid red stems that hold the ideal messages for a loved one. They imply romance, love, and affection, making them perfect as eco gifts for her. The colour is also said to produce encouraging effects, so they are a good option for this occasion.

It is also said to reduce depression and create positive energy. These eco friendly flowers are also presented in a wine shade for a powerful implication of these sentiments.

Dreamy eco friendly flowers for a loved one
Divine Red Forever Roses

A Friendly Gesture

The Yellow Roses are a great pick if it’s flowers for a friend you are after. Infused with warm yellow petals, these roses are perfect as eco gifts for her. They symbolise friendship, happiness, and optimism. They evoke interactions and creativity too. You can also choose the peach roses for uplifting sentiments and those with an adventurous personality.

You can purchase these sympathy flowers in suede or classic boxes in various colours. The boxes are either round or squared or acrylic jewellery boxes.

Adoring Family

The elegant Purple Roses are imbued with tranquilising stems, making them the best option for a family member. The sophistication that comes along with these roses makes them a great way to show a family member how much you love and appreciate them.

Lavender is an empathetic, fearless, helpful, and optimistic colour. It also uplifts and soothes those who are presented with it. It also reduces anxiety and stress, as well as low self-esteem. These flowers come in a royal purple colour too.

A Rose for Everyone

Those with romantic and sincere personalities look no further than the Roses in light blue. Beaming with delicate blue flowers, these eco gifts suggest peace and are great for cognitive enhancement. It induces feelings like authority, trust, and responsibility and is effective against insomnia and trauma.

These Roses can also be perfect as sympathy flowers. The flowers are also royal blue for a more luxurious and sophisticated effect.

Luxurious eco friendly flowers bursting with tranquilising stems
Captivating blue forever Roses

The Roses, Across the Borders

These eco friendly flowers are created carefully to tailor to all tastes and people. What is better is that they can be excellent as a positive mental health enhancer for yourself and others. They are also available for worldwide delivery.

Since distance can be an issue for many, the roses are delivered wherever, even if it’s last minute. That way, you can show your loved ones you have them in your thoughts, despite the long distance.

With these roses, you can treasure memories for longer, so if you are interested in reading about other occasions you can give flowers in, click here for more blogs on eco roses!

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