Top Traditional Roses to Gift a True Friend

Top Traditional Roses to Gift a True Friend

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Gifting a friend a rose is more popular than ever. It's an actual act of sentimentality of the highest form. With a total of 14 different colours to choose from, rest assured that there will be a perfect friendship rose for every type of true friend in your life.

A Majestic Rose

Infinity Roses packaged in acrylic jewellery boxes are a truly magical thing, both in appearance and sentiment. Utterly transparent in tone, the box allows one to marvel at the majesty of these magical assortments truly. They look as if they've been procured at the perfect moment in their lives and then frozen in time for all to gaze upon for years and years to come.

The sole acrylic jewellery box houses a singular rose with a colour of your choosing. It can be argued that this option is the most like that of a fairytale, with imagery similar to that of Beauty and the Beast or Snow White.

That is genuinely a marvellous choice for a small yet meaningful sentiment. Gift a true friend a rose that they can treasure for many years to come—a rose for the ages that can be adored long beyond the average life of fresh-cut roses.

Majestic true friend rose  in a transparent box surrounded by a candle
Pink Rose

However, the sole box is not the only option to give a true friend a rose, but a small box that houses a total of four roses. This option allows one to enjoy the forever roses in a more extensive assortment while still maintaining the majesty of a fairytale vibe.

The deep royal blue option brings a special feeling to a household. This colour beams as if there are universes alive in the roses themselves—an exceptional assortment for someone who admires the infinite possibilities and the beauty of the universe.

The final clear box comes in a medium size. Housing a total of nine roses, it's an ideal option for any art lover. With yellow roses, this size goes from medium to massive. Yellow is known to be the colour of friendship and therefore acts as the perfect rose for a friend. Nine roses full of sunshine with an extensive, bold colour like yellow is ideal for years of loving memories for a special friend.

Dreamy true friend rose encompassed in a medium classic box
Nine Red Forever Roses

Gift A True Friend A Rose Box

Consider the blue suede box for a luxurious option. With its dark appearance and textures, this one is suave and sophisticated. While roses look stunning here, a purple rose is recommended.

Yellow infinity roses and a blue suede box is for a friend who brings joy and happiness to all. This hatbox assortment can act as the host of all your loving memories. These are genuinely tremendous artistic roses distinct in style.

Divine true friend rose included in a dapper blue box
Yellow Roses

A Classic For an Old Friend

The matte styled hatboxes come in traditional white and black round and square. These old-fashioned options are for the type of friend who loves a conventional kind of assortment.

The recommended rose colour is traditionally red for a white classic rose box. However, all colours fit perfectly, as a traditional assortment will always be known for having red infinity roses at the helm. So, if it's not broken, why fix it? Or, if you're daring to be different, why not opt for lavender forever roses that will pop in a unique way like no other. These roses will bring life to any room they inhabit with a pale appearance.

Finally, there is the traditional black hatbox. This hatbox is the pinnacle of sophistication, with the black contrasting any roses that may inhabit it. The recommendation is light blue roses for a spin on tradition. A dear friend will surely appreciate these, and with such a unique design, they'll be admired year beyond the day received.

Artful true friend rose in a modish black box
Light Blue Roses

Alternatively, if blue is too familiar for your liking, the final suggestion is a peach rose. But, again, that is a versatile option that fits with minimalistic décor and design that booms with excitement.

Friendly With The Earth

Gifting roses to a friend is always a special occasion. You ensure your friends receive the very best roses with these roses while also giving back to the Earth. Mother Nature is a true friend in the eyes. These roses are sourced only from Fairtrade B Corp certified farm in Ecuador. That ensures that all the roses are of the highest quality and remain fresh and beautiful for at least one year.

There are so many roses to choose from, perfect for every occasion and the everyday. After all, there doesn't always have to be a special event for you to gift a friend a gift they can treasure for years.

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