Bridesmaid Flower Bouquets For Your Themed Wedding

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For brides planning a themed wedding, it can be hard to find that perfect beautiful bouquet. But, with these assortments of long-lasting flowers, your wedding is guaranteed to be extraordinary. A variety of flowers are offered, which will be great for any theme you have in mind. So, when did the custom of bridesmaids begin?

Traditionally, the role of bridesmaids was to support the bride, which included planning events like bridal showers and hen parties. People believed that the larger the group of bridesmaids, the more social class the bride held.

In countries like the Netherlands, Norway, and Victorian Britain, bridesmaids were usually young girls. Their role was to carry flowers during the procession.

Whereas today, the number of bridesmaids at a wedding is dependent on many factors. Including the bride's preferences, how big the family is, and the attendees.

Summer Destination

If you are searching for a perfectly preserved flower bouquet, Summer Heat flowers are the top choice. This large flower bouquet features flowers including orange, red, and yellow stems. They are the best choice for a magical wedding. Together, the colours in the collection imply romance, warmth, and happiness. They also evoke strength, positivity, and communication.

Blooms in this bouquet include Carthamus, Babla, Orange Broom and more. Jointly, these fragrant flowers imply strength, good luck, and love.

Tropical Bohemian

Themed weddings are all about adventure and spontaneity. And what is more exciting than a seaside wedding? So for an exotic beach wedding, go for the gorgeous Bohemian Bride preserved flowers.

Exotic Bridesmaid flower bouquet modelled for the wedding collection
Bohemian Bride Bouquet

This bridesmaid bouquet is imbued with fiery yellow blossoms-representing revitalisation and joy. Flowers in the collection encompass Red Eucalyptus, Blue Eryngium, Mimosa, and more. Jointly, they characterise sunshine, independence, and attraction. That makes it ideal for emotions and atmospheres linked to a tropical wedding.

80s Paradise

Extraordinary events marked the 80s. From the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana to Madonna and Sean Penn, it was an unforgettable period. Now more than ever, many couples are opting for an 80s inspired wedding due to the excitement and joy the decade brought with it.

Inspired by the fun and vibrant colours, Paradise represents romance, tenderness, and tranquillity. That includes communication and socialisation. Stems in this assortment feature Fuchsia Mini Spear, Broom, Orange Bloom, and more. Together, they imply warmth, relaxation, and sophistication. They also evoke emotions like imagination, adventure, and creativity. These subtle flowers make for a spectacular bridesmaid flower bouquet. The wedding flowers are also accessible in three different sizes – large, medium, and jars.

Classic Lilac

If it's a whimsical and classy wedding you seek, look no further than our Lilac Skies for a bridesmaid flower bouquet. This arrangement is beaming with elegant purple lilac stems. That is what makes these delicate flowers ideal for this wedding. It will represent luxury, sophistication, and magic. It induces sentiments like compassion, wisdom, and royalty.

Flowers in this bouquet are Lilac Statice large head, Purple Broom, Blue Gyp, and more. Together, they imply remembrance, innocence, and love. So, if you want to express romantic and classical feelings through your wedding, these flowers are for you. They come in small, medium, large, and jars, ideal for various venues.

luxurious Bridesmaid flower bouquet ideal for destination weddings
Lilac Skies Flowers

A Magical Bouquet, For Every Theme

These beautiful wedding flowers would surely be great for many themes. So, whether it be classical or country-inspired, rest assured that these flowers are bound to be perfect for your big day.

Since planning a wedding can be stressful, these elegant flowers are available for same-day deliveries in London in addition to a variety of delivery options.

So, if you have chosen your Buttonhole flower, and are looking for inspiration on themed or traditional weddings, read more blogs here!

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