The Power of Sustainable Flowers this Mental Health Day

The Power of Sustainable Flowers this Mental Health Day

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As human beings, we've come to learn that someone's mental health is just as important as physical health.

This mental health day, treasure those you hold dear with a long-lasting sustainable gift that has the power to bring joy for many years to come.

World Mental Health Day

The 10th of October marks the annual World Mental Health Day, an international global celebration of the importance of mental health. This single day was first created to promote mental health awareness, with aims to reduce stigma around the topic.

First celebrated in 1992, at the World Federation for Mental Health – an organisation with contacts from 150 countries. Every year, the World Federation for Mental Health chooses a unique theme to celebrate this day. This year’s theme is ‘Mental Health in an Unequal World’.

Flowers Support Good Mental Health

It is widely believed that there is a correlation between flowers and improving mental health. The natural beauty and eloquence of eco flowers encourage people to smile. They create an immediate connection between people, making them the perfect sustainable gift for a loved one you wish to help.

Flowers also have a long-term positive effect on mood. Since our flowers are long-lasting, their inherently timeless splendour can be adored for far longer than regular fresh flowers.    

So, which roses shall you choose? When finding the perfect sustainable gift for someone you hold dear, you may want to consider the inner meaning of what every Infinity Rose colour represents.

Tender Pink

Look no further than our pink roses if you are looking for flowers that represent kindness, health, and innocence. People associate the colour pink with calmness and relaxation. It is true, honest a representation of warmth and happiness. 

Pink also evokes sentiments such as compassion and our ability to successfully sympathise with others. When giving a sustainable gift to a friend, pink may be the ideal choice.

Whilst long-lasting, these flowers require little care. With no need or water, every Infinity Rose can be enjoyed with no fear of its shape or scent withering over time.

If light, delicate pink is not quite the shade you require, our forever roses are also offered in a variety of sizes in hot pink.

A tender pink Forever Rose in an intact jewellery acrylic box
Single Pink Forever Rose

Mint Green Roses

Perfectly capturing pieces of the natural world around us, mint green is a colour that characterises mental health and renewal. That is why we believe that our Mint Green roses are the ideal  gift for this mental health day.

Mint green effortlessly channels the beauty of the natural world we live in. It has been known that spending time outside in open green spaces can have positive influences on a person's mental health. Our exquisite mint green eco flowers allow you to bring all the joys of the outside into someone's home.

Green flowers also convey safety and new beginnings. So, if you know someone who needs a fresh start, these flowers are the perfect gift.

Relaxing Mint Green Infinity Roses in a  striking  black hatbox
Mint Green Infinity Roses

Red Roses

You may not believe this, but red is in fact an excellent booster for mental health.

This classically alluring shade may be known for its romantic attachments, but it can also reduce depression. In addition, red implies sentiments such as motivation, willpower, and confidence.

It may be hard to believe, but a simple scarlet shade represents power, the promotion of energy and even an increased appetite - all essential in helping those important to you maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle.

Move away from all the passionate associations of ruby Roses. Consider a timeless hat box of eco friendly blooms as the ideal sustainable gift for someone close to your heart.

Vibrant Red Forever Roses in an immaculate round box
Red Eco Flowers - Forever Roses in a Rose Box

Blue Roses

Available in a variety of beautiful, calming tones, deep blue Infinity Roses could be the perfect gift for you.

These blue roses eloquently express peace, calmness and relaxation, all greatly important when maintaining a good mental health. More than ever before, we are encouraged to spend time doing the things we love. Life should be the perfect balance of work and relaxation and a stunning hatbox of royal blue Infinity Roses may serve as the perfect reminder.

Available from a sole blue Rose to an extra-large beautiful hat box, there is an idyllic gift that will fit your needs.

Deeply rich dark blue Infinity Roses in a white rose box
Dark Blue Roses in a Rose Box

Yellow Roses

Did you know that yellow is actually the colour of friendship? When searching for the ideal gift for a friend, our yellow eco flowers may be exactly what you have been looking for.

For a colour that effortlessly promotes light and happiness, our delightful yellow roses are an idyllic choice for helping someone you care about smile again. It's known that when someone is happy, they tend to smile. 

These bright, fresh, yellow eco flowers stimulate energy and productivity. Yellow also endorses emotions such as optimism, creativity and intellect. It inspires communication and socialisation.

While every eco flower arrangement can effortlessly bring light to any room, they can be easily moved from room to room. Ensuring you are never without an encouraging eco friendly beautiful bloom.

Pristine yellow eco flowers - Infinity Roses in a hatbox
Yellow Infinity Roses

Purple Roses

Known throughout history as the colour of royalty, our purple eco flowers provide a beautiful alternative to everything fresh flowers have to offer.

Recognised for boosting self-confidence, purple is a colour that can be loved by all. It is an authentic symbolism of wisdom and compassion. Every eco flower in this magnificent shade is perfect when someone is in need of encouragement.

Also a key tone in the communication of nurture and comfort. Our purple roses create the ultimate gift for any parent that needs reminding how well they're doing.

It is also known that purple eco flowers relieve conditions such as stress and anxiety, both highly significant factors that affect everyone's mental health from time to time.

Our Sustainable Promise

No matter the colour you choose, our flowers have been naturally preserved for a long-lasting life. Unlike regular flowers that wilt away after only a few days, preserved flowers remain fresh and bright for years, ensuring they are an extraordinary  gift worth giving.

They also require very little care. For those times where even completing the simplest task is a great struggle, you just want to be surrounded by beautiful reminders of a better world that don't require your attention. Preserved for lasting enjoyment, they do not require watering or regular maintenance.

We all go through hard times in life, so why not help those you love with an everlasting sustainable gift? Although you can't always directly help those you care about in times of bad mental health, you can remind them just how much they mean to you.

Eco flowers are beautiful, long-lasting wonders that are just waiting to be treasured for years to come. Choose an expressive gift from our vast selection of eco flowers and bring everlasting joy into the life of someone special to your heart.

infinity rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers

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