Decorate Your New Home with a Stunning Preserved Floral Bouquet

Decorate Your New Home with a Stunning Preserved Floral Bouquet

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Shifting homes can be an exciting event, especially since you get the opportunity to decorate your house all over again. From selecting the perfect theme for a new place to making sure that vision comes to life, every extra effort is essential towards making your house feel like home.

The perfect way to make your new home feel beautiful and fresh is by decorating it with a lovely preserved floral bouquet. These dried arrangements shall make any home fragrant and stunning, and they’ll last for years instead of days.

Embrace Summer Vibes

Do you love the warmness and brightness that the summer brings? If so, the summer heat preserved floral bouquet would be an ideal choice of preserved flowers for your place. The stunning bouquet ties several yellow, orange, and red-tinted flowers. The stems added to the bouquet include orange Protea, red Lagurus, Craspedia, orange Piumetta, and Carthamus, alongside a few other summer blooms.

This exquisite and summery preserved floral bouquet lights up any room it’s kept in. Placing the flowers across rooms will create a lovely summer vibe and add vibrance to the overall decor. So whether it’s autumn, spring, or winter, your place will look warm, welcoming, and beautiful. Whoever walks into your house will surely appreciate the lovely fragrance and splash of colour that you’ve added through the collection. Also, you can rely on the flowers to stay fresh for a year at least.

preserved floral bouquet of Flower
Summer Heat Flowers

A Boho Vibe

Do you dream of having a boho themed home? After all, it’s super trendy and can make any place feel well-decorated. So to add that extra touch of classiness and give your house the perfect boho vibe, decorate a few of the bleached haze preserved floral bouquets across your home.

The beautiful bouquet consists of bleached and white shaded flowers that smell just as beautiful as they look. A few of the fragrant stems included are Pampas, Natural Lazarus, Bleached Protea, Bleached Ruscus, and Bleached Thistle. Plus, the best about these flowers is that they require minimal to no attention. Nor do you have to water them; neither do you need to cut them. All you have to do is place them across rooms and let them keep your home decorated for years to come.

Vintage Preserved floral bouquet
Bleached Haze

A Light Theme

Who doesn’t love a room filled with pastel tone flowers that smell fragrant and look gorgeous? If you’re a fan of light feminine colours, you can decorate your home with pink dried flowers. The bouquet consists of soft pink and white tone flowers that add up to create a stunning combination.

The flowers included in the bouquet are Pampas, Pink Thistle, Pink Rose, Pink Ruscus, and Bleached Spear. Pink represents happiness and femininity in the most beautiful way possible.

No wonder pink bouquets are widely bought for friends, family members, and especially on mothers day. The best part about the flowers is that they’ll keep your new place filled with loving vibes for years instead of days.

Colourful preserved Floral bouquet
Pink Rebellion

Home Decoration with Preserved Flowers

Ordering these beautiful flowers is a super quick and easy process. You can opt for home delivery, or you can choose to click & collect the stunning flowers - depending on how far you are from east London. The shopping assistants are primarily on their toes to help you order the right set of flowers for every occasion. You can get in touch or skim through the website to request a combination of these dried flower bouquets.

On the bright side, most of these dried flowers are available for next day delivery, plus each of the bouquets will come with a 365-day guarantee. So order your stunning flowers today to create a very personal theme in your new home. For more inspiration on holiday-themed interior décor, click here!

infinity rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers
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