Flowers for a Broken Heart, remember those who have passed at Christmas Time

Flowers for a Broken Heart, remember those who have passed at Christmas Time

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While Christmas is often a time of celebration and hope, for many it can also be a time of great woe.

There’s an assumption around this time of year to look forward to the future, and let go of the past. For many people around the world, that simply isn’t quite possible yet.

These last few years have been hard for us all. Many have lost their dearests. Each year, another handful of families spend their first Christmas without a parent, a grandparent, a cousin or sibling.

Out of deepest respect for those people, this article is for you. To help your friends in their rough patch, or perhaps simply brighten your own day. Know that we are all behind you, and you should never be afraid to grieve.

To feel is to be human, no matter how painful.

A Humble Bouquet for Sombre Feelings

The Lilac bouquet is perfect for those wishing to express their grievances. Whether it’s a family member or a friend who lost someone close to them, these flowers are the perfect flowers for a broken heart.

These Christmas sympathy flowers come in a subdued purple tone. It’s a colour that has a long history of majesty and grace, and also deep mystery and meaning. The white highlights give that small peak of hope in these dark times.

For a set of condolences flowers that will truly mean the world to a person, these flowers are ideal.

Broken heart flowers for condolences
Lilac Skies Bouquet

A Subdued Funeral Arrangement

Urban Jungle is perfect as a centrepiece for a funeral. The colours are neutral, earthy, and full of green texture.

They have a symbolic appearance of an old Victorian town at dusk, slowly lighting candles to guide people in the darkness.

The loss of a loved one is often a confusing and upsetting time. People often report feeling lost in a sea of their own emotions, unable to confront the realities before them.

For such people, the concept of even planning something as morbid as a funeral is beyond the pale. These Funeral flowers make for an easier time of it all.

They’re the perfect arrangement to say goodbye with, as they’re not wholly sad or in condolence. Their green highlight gives them the hope of tomorrow, and what it might bring for us all.

Flowers for a sullen funeral and a broken heart
Forever Flowers

A Bright Flower for a broken heart and a Hopeful Future

Grieving is a process. Like any long process, it takes time, and no process is ever identical. You would never expect a person with a broken arm to simply get over it. Why do we not afford the same love and respect to our friends in mourning?

Remind your loved ones that their feelings are valid and understandable with the Paradise broken heart flowers.

They’re the perfect combination of all stages of grief. Whether your friend is just beginning to mourn or has begun healing. These flowers say “I’m thinking about you”.

Healing soul with flowers for a broken heart at Christmas
Eco Friendly Flowers

Flowers for a Broken Heart at Christmas

When choosing a bouquet of sympathy flowers, it’s important to choose a set that not only says all you need to but does so sustainably.

Knowing that all of these bouquets are 100% carbon neutral is sure to alleviate those worries.

For every bouquet we send, we plant 2 trees to offset the carbon weight caused by the delivery. These flowers are preserved in an entirely natural way, meaning they’ll last up to 3 years.

There’s no better way to remind someone they’re loved than with flowers.

Amaranté Preserved Flowers
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