What Wintery Poems best match our Dried Flowers

Warm yourself this holiday season with A vase of a midnight sky

Christmas is fast approaching. It is a time of the year where we ascribe many familiar warm feelings. The smell of fires warming a hearth. The bubbling of mulled wine and cider on a stovetop. The snore of our more elderly family members, too stuffed with turkey, itself stuffed to the brim.

The festive season has always been a time of distinct, tangible feelings. We can talk for hours about traditions for Christmas. We all have ideas we always associate with the holidays.

Writers great and small have struggled to elaborate on their connection to Christmas. Some of the most famous poems in the English language connect us to winter and its magic. Poets always share a personal piece of their soul in these writings. It is that personal touch that makes Christmas magical.

The never-ending quest for a personal Christmas present is once again upon us. Why not gift your loved ones one of our lovely preserved floral arrangements? For a Christmassy feeling, pair our Preserved Floral arrangements with these classic Christmas poems. Bring a bit of written beauty back into your home this year.

Lilac Skies – Memories of Dark Winter Nights

Our Lilac Skies Preserved Floral arrangements bring a perfect display of Midnight Christmas mystery. For a perfect companion to these flowers, try Robert Frost’s “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”.

The dark and vibrant colours evoke make you feel lost in a wood, as snow begins to fall. The sleek sheen of the snow against an earthy, whispering forest. The dark night sky as the sun's comfort leaves you. The reminder to return home, quick!

Frost describes an ice-covered lake on the “Darkest evening of the year”. This moody and mysterious Christmas Flower Decoration matches Frost's vibe with stunning accuracy. It is the perfect Christmas Flower Decoration for the mystery of a dark Christmas night. The feeling of wandering, late at night, in a fey-like grove, “Dark and Deep”.

Frost Ends his poem with the open-ended and curious final two lines of the poem, “And miles to go before I sleep”. This dark mystery entirely consumes our royal purple Christmas Bouquet. These royal, rich, luscious colours encapsulate Frost’s esoteric classic. A brief breath of cold air in a night, almost frozen in time, as the world around it carries on without you.

These are the flowers for the romantics at heart.

Christmas Flower Decoration: Lilac Skies
Stunning Vivid Purple Christmas Flower Decoration Bouquet

Pink Rebellion – The Perfect Reminder of Christmas Hope

In 1914, there was an event, only described as a Miracle. After half a year of fighting on the front lines of World War One, the guns fell silent on Christmas Eve.

Across the trenches, the soldiers of great empires missed their families, their homes. Many began to sing carols, share gifts. Some even call across no-mans-land to their enemies, wishing a happy Christmas.

The "Christmas truce" is a testament to humanity shining through even in the worst of times. Our Pink Rebellion Preserved Floral arrangements evoke these feelings of goodwill and kindness. The perfect accompaniment to these flowers is Ian McMillan’s “The Game”.

McMillan describes the exchange of gifts between mortal enemies. “We all showed pictures, / I learned his baby’s name.” It speaks to the constant hope of humanity in the face of adversity. The sweet, simple nature of giving gifts can save lives. Imagine the joy you could bring someone with these heartfelt flowers.

Like our pink flowers, this poem gives hope, even despite how cold it feels. It says “All these boys want to hear today / is the final whistle”.

There is an innocence described in this poem. It calls soldiers and warriors “Boys”, and “players”. Evoking childhood innocence that matches our Christmas Flower Decorations.

This Christmas, give a gift that wishes goodwill to all men and reminds us of all the innocence within us. Let this soft, precious Christmas Bouquet remind us of the fallen. Those who’ve fought to bring us our peaceful Christmases. Remembrance is not only for November.

Let this Christmas be a rebellion against cruelty.

Christmas Bouquet: Pink Rebellion Christmas flower decoration
Rebel against loneliness with this gorgeous Christmas flower decoration

Urban Jungle – Coming home for Christmas

For many people, Christmas is the perfect time to visit family. Many of us live many miles away from home. But once a year, we return to our home towns. T.S. Eliot presents this feeling in "Preludes" with amazing skill.

Eliot describes “Smell[s] of steaks in passageways” and “Withered leaves about your feet”. The poem is reminiscent of an Urban Jungle, with smells and sights and sounds of all kinds. This interesting Christmas flower decoration will bring the world home with you. Let the changing of the seasons become a homely feeling.

It can be chilling to return home; a sense of all things being familiar yet changed. Many look at the street they once played in, “You had such a vision of the street / As the street hardly understands”. Why not evoke that gothic, dark tone with this Christmas flower decoration?

Both the poem and these flowers give off an ethereal, urban nature. This delicate yet indescribable feeling of belonging. This is the Christmas Bouquet to welcome a long-estranged family member home. This Christmas, have your home smell of something infinitely gentle

Dried Flowers: Urban Jungle Christmas flower decoration
Trade that urban sprawl for a slice of home life this Christmas

Rustic Meadow – Romantic Images of Windswept Moors

The Yorkshire moors have always given Inspiration to the wild and untameable. Those who grew up on the moors have sweeping visions of beauty. An indomitable nature. One such inspired soul, Anne Brontë, shared with us her connection.

Brontë's “Music on Christmas Morning” is a masterclass in spiritual Poetry. The imagery of “Wintry breezes” and music that “Kindly bids us wake”. Symbols that push us to fight against “the Powers of Darkness”. Her writing is emotional and evocative.

There is no better Christmas flower decoration for a wild spirit. This Christmas, you should choose our Rustic Meadow Dried Flowers.

These flowers bring the wild whisps of the Yorkshire moors home. You should choose a floral arrangement that reminds you of vast landscapes. Grey skies and rolling grass. Babbling brooks with thin slates of ice.

The soft, earthy colours encapsulate that light layer of snow of a December morning. The twinkling music of angels, blowing snow across the moors.

Nothing could bring out your wild side better than these sustainable flowers.

Dried Flowers: Rustic Meadow
Trade that urban sprawl for a slice of home life this Christmas

A Personal Touch – Find the Perfect Poem for You this Christmas!

Our flowers are gorgeous, multifaceted gifts. Not only can they brighten a person’s day, but they last for years. Our expert method of preservation ensures that these flowers will keep their beauty. With the right care, time, and love, these flowers to last 3 years at least!

Why not complement one of our other amazing Christmas flower decoration ideas with poems of your own? Each of these preserved floral arrangements tells its own story. Each one has its very own Christmas feeling. Experiment, and learn some poetry to heart!

The quickest way to the soul of any loved one is with the words and feelings of humanity. Combine your personal favourite poetry with our flowers. It is the perfect gift this Christmas for that sensitive soul among us all.

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