All is Bright, with these Christmas Flower Decorations

All is Bright, with these Christmas Flower Decorations

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This year, choose a pop of colour in your Christmas flower decoration. And what is more illuminating than a dried Christmas flower design?

For a festive design that lasts, consider the sustainable approach with dried flowers. Not only do they last for years, but they come in a wide array of colours, suiting all tastes and preferences. So, whichever theme you have in mind, the perfect preserved flowers are waiting for you here! So, when did the custom of Christmas decoration begin?

 An Aromatic Christmas flower decoration in a medium bouquet range
Winter Bouquet Inspired by the Forest

Evidence suggests that decorating homes with evergreens over winter dates back to Ancient Egypt. People would opt for green themes during the holiday season as a form of hope during the cold and chilly nights. As for the tradition of Christmas trees, they started in Germany. People designed their trees with apples, candles, nuts, and berries. Sooner than later, this ritual spread across Europe.

It is said that even royals like Queen Victoria and her family adopted this tradition too. Portraits of the family spending Christmas around an evergreen tress transformed this practice into fashionable and wealthy. Which flowers to choose for decorations, you may ask? keep reading to find out more!

Picturesque Christmas Flower Decorations

Delve into a spring meadow with the colourful Paradise bouquet. Inspired by the exciting and adventurous 1980s, these dried flowers are guaranteed to provoke spontaneous, fun, and happy sentiments. It encompasses a variety of delicate orange, pink, lavender, and green-tinted stems. The pink and lavender colours will denote beauty, relaxation, and compassion. The orange will provide a hint of warmth and joy, while green represents traditional Christmas colours and revitalisation.

 Enchanting Christmas flower decoration photographed in two sets of bouquets
Paradise Flowers

Blossoms in this array are Fuschia Mini spear, Orange Bloom, Craspedia, and Green Broom. Jointly, this assortment will suggest strength, abundance, purity, and innocence.

A Christmas Custom

If it's a traditional décor with a colour pop you are after, then the captivating Winter Forest is the way to go. Inspired by a snow-frosted forest, these flowers will offer escapism into a winter wonderland. The flowers in this array are green and red coloured. Red and green shades will present a traditional accent for the variety. Red is used to represent love, romance, and admiration. Green is for new beginnings and good health.

Stems in the range feature Broom Red, Carthamus Green, Preserved Wine Red Rose, and more. The Rose is also a customary Christmas flower, adding more traditional elements to the assortment.

 Vibrant Christmas flower decoration in a sophisticated set of jars
Dried Forest Blooms in a glass jar

Romantic and Traditional

No colour represents Christmas better than red. The elegant Adore You floral bouquet is an excellent choice for an eye-catching décor. The magnificent Gothic Architecture inspires these florals. The design style is famous for high ceilings and defined edges. That is evident through the darker-coloured blossoms. The colour will imply danger, love, and romance, making them an exceptional choice for a first Christmas with a significant other.

The stems embedded in this bouquet are Red Eucalyptus, Cinerea Eucalyptus, and more. So what makes them the ideal Christmas flowers? The Eucalyptus plant is a popular choice for evergreen décor and a popular holiday choice.

Christmas Flowers for Any Theme

Eco Flowers are created using a unique preservation method. That allows them to last for a long time. That way, you can appreciate them without worrying if they will last. They come in many colours and sizes, making them ideal for everyone and all occasions. So, sit back, relax, and choose your Christmas décor flowers today! If you are looking for more inspiration or a different theme, click here to read more!

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