Christmas Flower Displays for a Cosy Fireplace Décor

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The Christmas spirit is in the air. And what better way to escape the chilly weather and delve into the holiday season than by cosying up next to a tranquillising fireplace? Opt for a cosy fireplace aesthetic with bespoke Christmas flower displays - dried flowers are the way to go.

Fireplaces date back to the 1700s

So, when did the idea of the fireplace begin? And why Is it most popularly used around this time of year? Fireplace design originated in 1700s. They are primarily used to create a relaxing and warm ambience and decorative purposes. Historically, people used fireplaces for cooking and heating water.

Magical Christmas flower displays in a stylish medium vase
Winter Forest Flowers Bouquet

The various designs of fireplaces have changed as their uses changed too. For example, earlier fireplaces resembled fire pits more than modern versions. However, what has not changed is the idea that they provide a relaxing gathering space for the family and visitors.

Today, the fireplace is most commonly used at Christmas time. Many choose to go with decorating the outside of fireplaces with flowers and other illuminating Christmas arrangements, like stockings. Which flowers to choose, you may ask? Keep on reading to find out more!

Traditionally Festive

The Rose is a woody perennial flowering flower belonging to the Rosa genus in the Rosaceae family. People believe that over three hundred types of Roses, all varying in shapes, sizes, and colours. Its native home is in Asia, with a smaller number in Europe and North America. While mainly used as a symbol of romantic notions, they are widely regarded as suitable for Christmas flower displays.

Stunning Christmas flower displays  in a large bouquet
Red Roses in the Winter Forest Assortment

Classic is timeless. And there is no better way to go about this than with a symbolic Christmas arrangement full of Red Blooms. The red Rose is a characteristic flower option for the holidays. Further, the vibrant red tints perfectly fit in with the custom red colour of Christmas, providing you with instant holiday-inspired flower displays. So what makes red a standard Christmas colour?

The colour evokes sentiments of warmth, courage, and admiration. Additionally, It is also the colour of magic, providing you with a fairy-tale Christmas atmosphere for this season.

White Christmas

Think no further than the Ruscus plant for another custom Christmas flower display. Referred to as Christmas Berries Plant, you will make no mistakes with this flower. Ruscus is a genus of six plants found in Western and Southern Europe, northwestern Africa, and southwestern Asia. The central flower in the Ruscus flower is a red berries fruit, predominantly displayed around Christmas. So, why is this a classic choice for Christmas, you wonder?

Outstanding Christmas flower displays displayed in a variety of jars
Eucalyptus in White Wonderland Range

The revitalising green in this plant will denote new beginnings, energy, and good health. It symbolises growth, healing, safety, and harmony.

Christmas Blooms, Delivered Worldwide

These preserved flowers are created using a unique preservation method. That way, you can enjoy them for years, not days. Also, since not everyone can be home for Christmas, global delivery is available for you to express your appreciation to your dear ones, no matter where you are in the world.

So, this Winter, go the sustainable way to protect the planet. If you have chosen your Christmas flower display and find yourself looking for Christmas flowers design ideas, click here to read more!

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