Festive Wreaths Fixed with Christmas Dried Flower Arrangements

Festive Wreaths Fixed with Christmas Dried Flower Arrangements

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The festive season is here, with festive drinks sold and the weather getting even colder. And what better way to decorate and get ready for it than with beautiful Christmas floral displays? So, what are Wreaths, and why do we hang them during this time of year?

When were Christmas Wreaths First Used?

Wreaths are an arrangement of flowers, leaves, or fruits that you construct together in a ring shape. In the West, people use these florals as Christmas flower decorations. Being of a circular shape, they are hung on doors to announce the arrival of the holiday season. They were used as designs in South-Eastern Europe.

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The first-ever artwork was a golden Etruscan civilisation Jewellery. Many Wreath designs were embroidered with Greek Myths, usually engraved in precious metal. These plants were also featured in Ancient Roman times, referred to as Etruscan corona utilise.

The plants used to make wreaths in Etruscan Jewellery encompass ivy, oak, olive leaves, and more. People saw Wreaths as signs of privilege, occupation, and social rank in the Greco-Roman world. Many also used wreaths to crown athletes in the original Olympic games.

So, you may ask which wreaths to choose for this season. Keep reading to find out more!

The Most Commonly Used Flowers for Christmas Circlet Decorations

Ferns and Evergreens are two of the most used Christmas flowers. The fusion of the two results in a Christmas Wreath that will bring warmth, happiness, and tradition to your home this season. Ferns are some of the world's oldest plants, dating back to Middle Devonian times. Many use them around the globe, with uses ranging from sculptures to Jewellery.

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There are 10,500 species of Ferns worldwide. These plants became popular during the Victorian Era. At the time, European and Northern American farmers would venture into local forests to collect Ferns yearly. People referred to that day as Fern gathering day. Picnics also followed the event. Sooner than later, every home in Victorian Britain had at least one potted Fern plant. It is a symbol of eternal youth, humility, and sincerity.

Nigella: a flower that portrays love and harmony

Another excellent and popular choice of flowers for an elegant Christmas Decoration is Nigella. The flower describes harmony, love, and bringing people together, making it a symbolic choice for this time. It is a genius of eighteen plants belonging to the Ranunculaceae family.

They are mainly found in Southern Europe and North Africa. However, you can also find them in South Asia, Southwest Asia and the Middle East. The colours of Nigella vary from white and yellow to pink and pale blue, growing 20-90 cm tall.

An elegant, tranquilising Christmas dried flower arrangement featured in a holiday circular décor
White Wonderland Flowers Bouquet

People have various uses for Nigella, from culinary to decorative. People from the Mideast use Nigella seeds in Cuisines and other cultures as black onion seeds, black cumin, and more in the food spectrum. Since the Elizabethan times, people used Nigella in their gardens in their cottages, often referring to them as 'love-in-a-mist'.

Christmas Dried Flower Arrangements, With Comfortable Delivery

Our team of dedicated florists makes these dried flowers using a unique preservation method. That way, you can enjoy them for years, not days. What makes them even better is that they come in an assortment of colours and bouquet sizes, making them an excellent choice for all.

So, this happy season, choose the sustainable path.

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