The History Of Winter Holidays and Christmas Floral Bouquets for the Holidays

The History Of Winter Holidays and Christmas Floral Bouquets for the Holidays

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The holidays are coming! It's a time of celebration and jubilation. Many cultures have different ways of celebrating the end of the cold months and the coming of spring.

For many of us, the one Holiday we celebrated with our families has always just been. As our world comes closer, we share more and more of our cultures daily. It's important to know about the best gifts to give and receive, no matter where you come from!

The Jewish Tradition of Hanukkah

Hanukkah is one of the most important holidays to the Jewish faith and people. Its origin is ancient, coming from a tradition from the 2nd century BCE. It is celebrated for eight nights and days, starting on the 25th day of Kislev according to the Hebrew calendar.

It commemorates the reclamation of Jerusalem from the Seleucid Empire. According to the stories, the temple of Jerusalem was cleansed of vile spirits by a miracle. Though the menorah, the temple's oil lantern, had a single day's worth of oil, it burnt for a miraculous eight days.

A cherished choice for celebrating this winter holiday is undoubtedly our exquisite arrangement of white roses, delicately nestled within a suede rose box, elegantly brushed with a soft shade of grey. These pristine white roses symbolize the radiant glow of the menorah, illuminating the path to hope and salvation. Each bloom whispers of timeless beauty and the promise of a brighter tomorrow, making it a truly enchanting centrepiece for your festive celebrations.

White Christmas roses in a suede rose box
White Infinity Roses

The Christian Tradition of Christmas

This Holiday is one that many people in the world are most familiar with, even if they do not observe it. It is hard to avoid Christmas in the modern-day.

Originating from the New Testament, this Holiday observes the birth of Christ. There are many different sects of Christianity. All observe Christmas slightly differently. Many Catholic nations, such as Poland, see the 24th as more important than the 25th. This is often in the form of a feast called "Wigilia", where a whopping 12 courses are prepared.

For other sects, the earlier days of December are important. Including the 6th of December for St Nicolas' name day, or the 21st as the day of the Winter Solstice.

Amongst our selection of infinity roses, the ones that truly embody the festive spirit of Christmas are our classic light red blooms. These radiant roses, steeped in the quintessential hues of the season, exude a timeless charm that captures the very essence of holiday celebrations.

Dried Flowers: Summer Heat
Light Red Infinity Roses

The African-American Tradition of Kwanzaa

Kwanzaa is important for many thousands of African Americans living in the US. It is held from the 26th of December to January 1st and is based on the classic harvest festivals of West Africa.

It originated in 1966 as part of the civil rights movement. Since then, it has become a mainstream stay of black culture in America. It was intended as an alternative to the traditionally white-centred Christmas holidays. Today, it is still a reclamation of important African values for many black citizens in the USA.

The main colours of the Holiday are the traditional African-American Green, red and black. As such, we recommend our mint green and red infinity roses paired with our black suede or matte box for a timeless, festive combination.

Light Red Infinity Roses
Mint Green Infinity Roses

The Human Tradition of Loving the World

This holiday season, let the spirit of global unity and love guide your celebrations, no matter how you choose to mark the occasion. From Hanukkah and Christmas to Kwanzaa, we have a selection of exquisite rose boxes tailored to every festivity. Click [here] to explore more and infuse your holidays with elegance and heartwarming beauty.

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