The Corporate Floral Installation for Here East's 10th Anniversary Celebration

The Corporate Floral Installation for Here East's 10th Anniversary Celebration

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Designed as a catalyst for change, Here East is a campus dedicated to making game-changing innovations. To celebrate their 10th anniversary of being located in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, they wanted some extra special flowers for events, so they were seeking to partner with an experienced event florist.

Bespoke floral installation designed and produced with dried flowers
Flowers for Events: Celebrate a 10th Anniversary


Our team knew they had to create something special for Here East's big tenth-anniversary celebration. Our florists found nothing could beat creating a large installation in the shape of the number 10 to commemorate this special anniversary.

 corporate flowers for events featuring a variety of white, blue and green stems.
Corporate Flower Arrangements Featuring White Roses and Green Dried Flowers


Inspired by Here East's distinctive brand colours, our team compiled a range of green and white dried flowers that would go perfectly with a selection of infinity roses to create a bold, eye-catching installation.

What could catch people's attention better than a large floral composition in the shape of a 10? Our team successfully brought Here East's vision to life with this installation unique to Here East and their anniversary celebration.

Bespoke floral installation featuring preserved stems and Infinity Roses
Flowers for Events: Installation Stems

Amaranté, Event Florist for Unique Corporate Flowers

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