Bespoke Floral Arrangements for Haute Dolci® Bolton Restaurant

Bespoke Floral Arrangements for Haute Dolci® Bolton Restaurant

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Recognised for their creative vision across all their restaurants, Haute Dolci® were yet again seeking an event florist to partner with to design and create unique floral compositions to their Bolton restaurant. Having adored our corporate flower arrangements installed in their London restaurant, Haute Dolci® were keen to work with us again for more corporate flower arrangements.

Bespoke floral Installation featuring naturally preserved stems
Flowers for Events: Hanging Installation 


Much like their objective with their London restaurant, Haute sought to enhance their luxurious Bolton location with unique floral installations. It was imperative to Haute that every floral design perfectly reflected their brand colours and matched the rest of their interior designs. 

Hanging dried flower installation featuring a variety of pink, purple and white flowers
Hanging floral installation for a restaurant


Like during our previous partnership with Haute, colour was one of our biggest inspirations for this corporate client. Haute adored the bold and vibrant shades of our floral designs. It was natural for our florists to propose bespoke installations featuring bright dried flowers in pink and purple as the centre focus.

A dried flower bouquet with a delicate blend of dried flowers in purple and pink with infinity roses
Dried Flowers for Events: Bouquet in an elegant Vase

Final Designs

Wanting to bring some floral joy to every part of Haute's Bolton restaurant interior, our florists designed several luxury installations, unique to Haute's themes and space.

The variety of seating options made for very different types of installations. Rows of soft pink florals lined a row of booths. At the same time, we primed a striking hanging installation above another seating area. Both installations brought something new to the space while in-keeping with the elegant features of the space. Our florists also continued the theme of bringing pink flowers to the interior designs with vibrant floral table arrangements.

Light pink flowers are at the heart of this bespoke luxury floral installation
Luxury floral installation with pink flowers for a Restaurant

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