Ethical Wedding Gifts for Different Weddings

Ethical Wedding Gifts for Different Weddings

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One of the most critical aspects of any wedding is the environment, and the right choice of floral decorations can make any venue look majestic & beautiful. Whether you’re getting married in the summers or deciding to tie the knot in winters - having the perfect floral decor is now easier than ever.

Preserving Wedding Flowers has always been very important to us, to ensure that you have the ideal ethical wedding gifts. We offer a stunning range of preserved wedding roses in 14 unique colours, and each of these roses represents something unique.

Maybe you prefer bright colours that light up the venue, or you might go for neutral tones that look serene and elegant instead. Either way, our Infinity Roses will help you create the wedding environment that you dream of.

Elegant Celebrations

Imagine walking down the aisle with light pink and blue forever roses surrounding you and the love of your life. Does that sound like your dream wedding? Luckily, our infinity roses smell heavenly while remaining fresh and beautiful for up to three years. You could buy our exquisite pink or blue preserved roses in separate hatbox, then keep both stunning roses as wedding table centrepieces side by side.

Since our head florist arranges each of the hatboxes with love and care, they’re ready to be decorated when delivered. So, you shall effortlessly make your ideal wedding come true by placing the elegant roses in hatboxes around the venue as you please.

In fact, the bride can even carry the roses down the aisle. Later on, you could decorate the exquisite flowers around your home or gift them to loved ones. They’ll surely represent your everlasting love in the most romantic way possible.

preserving wedding flowers: light blue roses
Long-lasting Blue Roses in a Rose Box

Colourful Celebrations

Are you fond of colourful roses and would love to have a memorable wedding? If so, our heavenly yellow and navy blue preserved roses, along with a few hot pink roses, would create an ideal environment on your perfect day.

Yellow forever roses alone can make a venue shine bright and look beautiful. On top of that, adding our mystical navy blue infinity roses would create a classic contrast with yellow. Since you’re looking for a pop of colour, why hold yourself back? Add a few pink infinity roses in between and make your guests feel as though they’re walking through a rose garden.

Ideally, adding a few white roses would make the colourful roses stand out even more. Later on, you could gift the wedding roses to your guests or decorate them wherever you please.

Yellow long-lasting flowers
Yellow Ethical Wedding Gifts

Traditional Celebrations

While having a unique and modern wedding might be preferred by some, many people still dream of having a traditional wedding. If you’re one of these people, the bright red and white preserved roses shall help you create the wedding of your dreams.

Our stunning bright red roses are a fitting symbol of everlasting romance and true love. Similarly, our white forever flowers are nothing but pure elegance. When the red and white roses are put together, they create a combination that’ll have you & your guests in awe. Not to mention, the roses will last up to three years and act as a romantic memory of your special day. You can decorate your home with flowers and constantly be reminded of your special day.

Ethical Wedding Gifts: Traditional Wedding Roses
Red and White Ethical Wedding Gifts

London's Very Best

Once you’ve decided which roses would look the best on your special occasion, all you have to do is place your order. We have a personal shopping assistant that can guide you throughout the process and make appropriate suggestions where needed.

If you’re worried about the cost, there is the option to pay in 4 interest-free instalments through ClearPay. There are two options available when placing your order; you can either get the roses delivered to an address of your choice, or you can click & collect the roses.

If you’re near London, the click & collect option might suit you. Though if you’re further away, you could simply get the flowers delivered. Thankfully, most of our flowers and roses are available for next-day delivery.

Wedding bouquet for the bride
Traditional Wedding Bouquet

Preserving Wedding Flowers For You

Every couple has a different vision when it comes to choosing the perfect preserving wedding flowers. After all, the ethical wedding gifts floral decor on your wedding day plays a massive role in creating your desired wedding environment. You get the option to choose from 14 unique colours of roses, each beautiful and fragrant. Our preserved roses last up to three years, so you can be assured that they’ll be fresh and gorgeous when they arrive.

Our head florist arranges the roses in our classic hatboxes that come in 2 shapes and various colours. All you have to do is choose the arrangement and colour combination you want. The rest will be done for you. You can simply place the hatboxes around your venue and then pick them up later on - how convenient?! Order your set of forever roses and make the wedding of your dreams come to life conveniently.

infinity rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers

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