The Best Congratulations on Your Baby Flowers

The Best Congratulations on Your Baby Flowers

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Having a baby is a thrilling time for parents and their friends and family. So what better way to celebrate this exciting news and settle down than with a baby welcoming party and congratulations on your baby flowers?

The Tradition of Baby Flowers

The tradition started in the 19th century. The phrase 'shower' denotes the expecting mother being 'showered with gifts. While people spend a lot of time at shows playing games, gift-giving is always the main activity.

When it comes to baby showers, people usually opt for essential baby products or toys. Some also choose to gift necessities for the expecting mother. Another traditional gift is flowers. If you are searching for flowers for a new baby, preserved roses are a great choice.

Available in fourteen classic colours, every one can effortlessly adore these delicate eco flowers. Each enchanting rose holds significant meaning, as well as a symbolic message.

What makes these congratulations flowers even more magnificent is that they last for years. That helps you treasure memories for longer. But, of course, choosing roses depends on the messages you want to convey through them.

Mint Green Flowers

If you are looking for the perfect congratulations blossoms, look beyond the mint green infinity roses. This natural tone is associated with sentiments such as health, tranquillity, and good luck. It also denotes creativity, renewal, and growth. That makes them an ideal gift for this occasion.

For a complimentary arrangement of flowers, consider these long-lasting roses with the addition of a red box. With this combination, you can effortlessly communicate feelings of both romance and appreciation. It also makes a perfect treasure for your pregnant wife.

Congratulations on your baby flowers in a pristine black box presented in a stylish bedroom
Mint Green Eco Flowers in a rose box

Blue Blooms

The dreamy, blue roses are the ideal choice for this occasion. They signify imagination, sensitivity, and stability. These roses will also imply confidence, faith, and intuition. That results in idyllic congratulations florals.

You can choose to go for a monochromatic arrangement for a timeless display or think of the white and royal blue blooms. This array will portray innocence, purity, and sophistication.

For an analogous assortment, consider these roses with a touch of lavender and royal blue. They will effortlessly add a nurturing and luxurious accent to your flowers.

Congratulations on your baby flowers in presented in a chic living room
Blue Eco Flowers in rose box

Yellow Flowers

For baby shower flowers for a friend, the beautiful yellow roses are the idyllic choice. These preserved roses will represent happiness, optimism, and positivity. They can also symbolise hope, making it another great option when finding the perfect gift for a friend.

With the characterisation of friendship in this bouquet, you will have a gift to show how much you appreciate your friend. For their new born baby arrival party, consider the unique combination of a blue box accompanied by a light yellow arrangement. That will add peace and tranquillity to the perfect gift of beautiful congratulations blossoms.

Congratulations on your baby flowers in blue box
Yellow Eco Flowers

Pink Flowers

The tender pink infinity roses are excellent for those expecting baby girls. This colour implies femininity, kindness, romance, and love. You can also use this charming bouquet to express admiration and appreciation towards a friend.

Instead, you may opt for a white and champagne vintage arrangement. With these roses alongside the pink, you will easily communicate purity and innocence.

When searching for a triad arrangement, consider light pink roses with natural green and peach colour roses too. This arrangement will add elements of warmth, renewal, and youthfulness to this event.

Pink congratulations on your baby flowers in classic acrylic box

Pink Roses

Champagne Coloured Flowers

The champagne colour is known as a colour of celebration and joy. It also represents feelings of excitement, comfort, and sophistication, making it an excellent choice for congratulation flowers or for you to choose for your party display.

While champagne coloured roses usually compliment colours such as black and off-white, they can also go well with pastel colours. For this reason, the blush, light pink long-lasting flowers are ideal to go alongside the Champagne infinity roses for a complementary arrangement that would convey messages of kindness, femininity, and love to your collection.

You can also choose light green roses and Champagne roses to add intonations of growth and restoration to your congratulations flowers.

Bright congratulations on your baby flowers displayed against a rainy window
Champagne Eco Flowers

Peach Flowers

These peach blooms will imply joy, spring season, and freshness like the fruit. Think of light green and pink infinity roses and peach roses for a triad-coloured array of flowers. That will add relaxation, peace, and kindness elements to your warm arrangement.

If you seek to express strong feelings of happiness, love, and positivity, you can opt for a triad analogous arrangement with the inclusion of red and light yellow flowers. Think of light blue and peach roses for bold congratulations on baby flowers.

Peach congratulations on your baby flowers in pink box
Peach Flowers

Designed to Last

Each one of the glorious congratulations flowers has been naturally preserved through a unique preservation method. So whether a gift is perfect for your friend or family, it will last far longer than regular freshly cut roses. While any other bouquet will wilt away before the new baby is born, Infinity Roses last long enough to enjoy even the latest edition to the family.

Every Infinity Rose is also ethically sourced from B Corp farms and available worldwide for next-day delivery. So whether you're going to a baby shower around the corner or gifting a pregnant friend on the other side of the world, treat them to a luxurious, long-lasting striking floral arrangement. If you chose your baby shower blooms but want more inspiration for different occasions to gift flowers, click here to read more!

infinity rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers

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