The Best Wedding Flowers for Traditional Weddings

The Best Wedding Flowers for Traditional Weddings

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If it’s a traditional wedding you seek, our dazzling traditional wedding flowers are the right choice for you.

Brides usually choose between a specific theme or traditional weddings. While themed weddings have become popular in recent years, many people still opt for traditional weddings. Why? They help you maintain culture and traditions. At the same time, they balance them with romance and elegance. Additionally, they add elements of vintage and classic-ness to create a timeless atmosphere.

With weddings come a checklist, and choosing flowers and arrangements. Which ones to select depends on the messages you want to convey. Whichever idea you have, we have exceptional flowers that will make your day memorable.

Our new wedding collection is currently available for your service. It features six time-less vintage flowers collections that will undoubtedly catch your eyes. Every colour-infused collection features bouquets too. Similarly, they also include centrepieces, jars, and buttonholes. They are guaranteed to fit any traditional theme and idea you have in mind. So, which pieces from the collection work best for a traditional wedding?

Classic Traditional Wedding Flowers

While themed weddings are thoughtful, a traditionally classic wedding is undoubtedly mesmerizing. Our heartfelt Love Forever compilation is perfect for brides who enjoy vintage weddings. Created for an effortless and ageless wedding, this design has everything you need for a religious wedding too. Fortified with colours from white to green, each bouquet, centrepiece and buttonhole elegantly implies purity and innocence.

These exquisite bouquets include heartfelt traditional wedding flowers. They are emblematic and elegant. They create an incredible array of magnificent flowers to remember. Brides can choose which elegant flowers are used in each piece. It includes Ruscus, Eucalyptus, and more to represent thoughtfulness, humility, and positive energy. The bridesmaids eco friendly bouquet has a sword fern, indicating eternal youth.

For a bride who prefers vintage traditional wedding flowers and centrepieces, this is a fine choice. It encircles similar cool colours to that of the preserved bouquet for brides. Yet, it also includes Pampas, representing endless the happiness the bride and groom will endeavour.

The Vintage Bride floral jars also make for great centrepieces. These popular traditional dried flowers in jars also include gypsophila and Helecho. They convey purity, sincerity, and endless love. Similar stems are included in the buttonholes.

Traditional with Nature

From forests to backyard gardens, holding a wedding outside is an excellent choice. They are perfect for those looking to get back in nature. If this sounds like you, then the Wild love classic collection is for you. Inspired by Victorian Green Houses, the group is dominated by green, yellow, and white. Moreover, it signifies feelings like innocence, purity, and optimism.

The delicate bridal preserved bouquet encompasses wheat, broom, bleached Peacock feathers, and more. With this eco bouquet, you will express messages of strength, kindness, and patience. Just like the bride’s preserved bouquet, the bridesmaid’s bouquet incorporates Banksia and acroclinium. It also represents joy, fun, affection and love.

The charming dried flowers centrepieces will certainly fit at whichever table setting you may have at your outdoor wedding. It is infused with Foliage, a trend for many weddings today, and implies growth. This bouquet features dries stems such as wheat, yellow pepperweed, and Craspedia.

The traditional wedding flowers in jars have a similar array to the centrepiece, though without the fern sword. Floral buttonholes are also available in this collection. They have similar arrangements of wheat, Ruscus, and more.

Traditionally Feminine

Pink is a must at any bride with a love of traditional wedding flowers. Pink effortlessly creates an atmosphere of romance, tenderness, love, kindness, and femininity. The exquisite Bridal Blush collection is inspired by everything classic and feminine. It is everything you need to bring together feelings of romance and joy. Encompassing vintage flowers - this collection is an excellent choice for traditional weddings.

This Bridal eco friendly bouquet contains preserved roses in addition to other flowers. It is dominated by pink coloured flowers in addition to red infusion too. It has Acronolium, Nigella, Eucalyptus, and more. This will imply beauty, love, and positive energy.

The Bridesmaids’ eco friendly bouquet includes similar stems, including Lagurus, Statice, and wheat. Yet, it doesn’t have King protea flowers in it like the bride’s bouquet. The bridesmaid’s eco friendly bouquet incorporates messages of friendship and thankfulness to your bridesmaids with Miscanthus.

This hand-selected collection includes wedding centrepieces and flowers in jars for the wedding reception. The centrepieces and jars also encompass similar stalks of flowers to the preserved bouquets. But, they do include parvi red and pampas. They are available in eco friendly bouquets with traditional wedding flowers; conveying good health, gratitude, and remembrance messages.

Traditionally For You

While everyone defines tradition slightly differently, there is something about having a classically romantic bouquet that gets so many hearts beating.

Having such a vast selection of traditional wedding flowers to choose from allows every bride and groom to either choose a whole collection or mix and match between different bouquets and centrepieces. 

Given that each of our wedding flowers last for years, there's no reason why your beautiful flowers can't be used long after the big day to create new traditions within your new family.  

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