Sustaining the Planet With Naturally Preserved Roses

Sustaining the Planet With Naturally Preserved Roses

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Taking care of the planet has been a passion of ours from the very beginning, and bringing you unique sustainable gifts is something we take great pride in. We are aware that freshly cut flowers are harmful to the planet, but we can assure you that our long-lasting roses are naturally preserved in a way that won't harm the environment.

These eco gifts are ideal for every occasion. With a vast variety of colours and boxes to display them, there's forever roses for everyone.

A Preserved Rose for All

We have unique sustainable gifts for everyone, with various colours to choose from and different shapes, sizes, and types of boxes for them to be displayed in for years to come.

A coloured rose tells a story; it may represent the path for someone going through life. It may simply be an aesthetic choice with someone’s favourite colour. No matter the reason, we have a type of rose for every type of person with every type of occasion in mind.

From home décor to eco gifts, our vast range of roses are long-lasting and, as a result, makes them ideal for all occasions. With everything being made to order, there's no wasted roses as a measure to ensure they're both fresh and that we're caring for the planet in a sustainable manner.

You can revel at an assortment of roses while they maintain their brilliant scent and appearance for years, and preserve your loving memories at the same time. The ideal host for the loving memories that you have made, and are still yet to make.

Single Pink Rose in Clear Box on a table with dried flowers and scented candle
Pink Rose in Clear Acrylic Jewellery Box

The Preserved Roses Hatbox Treatment

Just because our roses are sustainable and don’t harm the environment, it doesn’t mean they can’t be displayed in beautiful majesty. With hatboxes, both classic and suede, with round and square options, there’s more than enough beauty to go around, and they come in a variety of 14 colours to be adored and admired.

The preserved roses classic hatbox option is both suave and sophisticated with traditional black and white options. Small, medium, and large; each size carries the perfect level of loving elegance for the home, preserved in a way to be enjoyed for years rather than mere weeks. If you desire Infinity Roses in suede hatbox unique sustainable gifts, there’s more than enough options to find the perfect one for you. Varying from black, white, grey, beige, blue, red, and even pink; the suede hatboxes are vast in variety.

A hatbox of roses is the best sort of centrepiece to make a statement, whatever the statement may be. From a statement of love to remembrance, or even just an aesthetic decor choice; roses in hatboxes have a presence that will not be ignored.

Unique sustainable gifts in many different hatbox sizes serving as table pieces
Red and White Eco Gifts

Roses Preserved in Time

The appearance of the transparent jewellery boxes makes them the perfect host to be displayed for several years. Acting as a protective box, the Roses will appear as if magically frozen in time at the perfect moment in their lives.

The medium acrylic jewellery box houses a maximum total of 9 roses with appearances as if they've been frozen in time at the perfect moment in their lives. You can pick the perfect colour to display, with an option of 14 roses to choose from. A magical option for someone who desires a fairytale vibe, or just wants to display their preserved roses differently. However, if you desire something truly magical, then the sole transparent rose box is the one for you. It houses a single preserved rose and appears as if it has jumped straight out of the pages of a storybook.

The acrylic box is the ideal choice for situations that may require more delicacy as opposed to that of a big statement piece. With its nature being that of an infinity rose preserved in a see-through box, it allows you to sustain them as a host in a delicate manner of remembrance.

Red and Pink unique sustainable gifts in boxes of all sizes as tablepieces
Red and Pink Eco Gifts

Preserving the Planet

Our passion has always been to give you the best unique sustainable gifts of roses possible to help the planet. We found the perfect way to do so through Fairtrade Certified B Corp farming through farms in Ecuador. This way, we can provide you with the best sustainably preserved roses while caring for the planet.

Every single order made also means that we plant two trees. We aim to plant one million trees by the year 2025. With tens of thousands planted already, this is just the beginning. Together we can plant millions of trees beyond in the future. This is to both care for our planet and to be able to continue to bring you the best preserved eco gifts possible for you to enjoy for several years.

infinity rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers

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