Everlasting Infinity Roses for Every Libra Birthday

Everlasting Infinity Roses for Every Libra Birthday

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Happy Libra season to all those Libras out there!

Known for being obsessed with symmetry, with a great strive to bring balance into every area of life, Libra babies are unique compared to any other star sign.

Ruled by Venus, the planet that governs love, beauty, and money, Libras adore high art, intellectualism, and connoisseurship. Each of our illustrious preserved flowers are the ideal choice for a birthday flower that will not only be adored on the day, but can be cherished for years to follow.

Roses not only represent the idea of romanticism and love, but are delicate beauties that effortlessly encompass grace, elegance and a long-lasting connection between the giver and receiver.

But for an extra layer of meaning, why not consider which colour best represents your Libra loved one. With so many momentous messages eloquently woven within every soft rose petal, it is essential that you make the perfect choice when gifting someone special on their birthday.

Red Forever Flowers

Libra is one of the only signs of the zodiac that is associated with a Greek goddess. Associated with the Goddess of Justice, Themis, Libra’s are known for their non-bias personalities. Along with their ability to keep everything in balance.

The Libra in your life is likely to be very down to earth and has a way about them to bring everything up to speed and in order. This is why some classical red preserved flowers would be the perfect gift for Libra to emulate their elegance and balance in life.

Red signifies emotions of passion and love, and Libra is always in love with the idea of love. These hopeless romantics will adore the classical red colour. Red was a big part of Greek and Roman culture, used in their art pieces, clothing and, so much more. We feel that red would be the perfect choice for infinity roses for your balanced Libra.

 Heartfelt flowers in a classic box
Red Infinity Roses

Light Blue Forever Flowers

It is a known fact that blue is a lucky colour for Libras. Blue is a tranquil colour and reminds us of the water and the ocean.

Libras enjoy natural scenes like beaches and thoroughly enjoy being in the water. Blue symbolises relaxation, calmness and peacefulness. These are the feelings Libras get out of being in the water.

A beautiful box of preserved flowers in a pastel blue colour would be an ideal birthday gift for your favourite Libra. Indulge them with a timeless beauty that will serve as a constant reminder of their natural incline towards the ocean and water.

Enchanting birthday flowers infused with delicate blue petals in a sophisticated grey box
Light Blue Forever Flowers

Royal Blue Forever Flowers

If blue is what you're looking for but the light shade just isn't hitting the mark, why not consider a deeper, rich royal blue for your Libra love.

As Sapphire is one of Libras lucky stones, this deep shade would be the fitting preserved roses you want for a Libra. Sapphire is a stone that symbolises integrity. You wear it or carry it during negotiations.

This appeals to a Libras character as they are a balanced people and can keep the peace on both sides. Sapphires are precious gems, and they would love to be reminded of this. These naturally preserved forever flowers would certainly remind them of that.

Captivating birthday flowers with chic rich blue roses
Royal Blue Preserved Roses

Nine Lucky Infinity Roses

When talking about astrology and lucky colours, it’s important not to forget about lucky numbers too! One of the lucky numbers associated with Libras is the number nine. In numerology, nine is the humanitarian, kind and compassionate number.

For a Libra in your life who loves numbers far more than colours, gift them an elegant box of nine equally gorgeous Infinity Roses. Number nine is the perfect number for Libras as it reflects their creative tendency and open-minded nature. Infinity roses this personal will evoke their emotions. It will remind them of how much you love them.

Preserved Flowers From Us to You

While we may be in the middle of the Libra season, each of our beautiful preserved birthday flowers are available for next day delivery all around the world, along with same day London delivery and collection. No matter where your Libra loved one is in the world, we guarantee they'll receive their stunning blooms as bright and fresh as if they'd just been picked from one of our Fairtrade farms.

But do not be disheartened if you've already missed a Libra's birthday. While their astrological time of the year may have past, it doesn't mean that you can't surprise them with a late birthday gift which can be cherished as if it was still their birthday.

Since each of our alluring roses have been naturally preserved for long-lasting joy, you can even get ahead and order birthday flowers months before a Libra's special day.

With such a rich and unique selection of roses to choose from, find the perfect sustainable rose arrangement for a Libra you love and appreciate.

infinity rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers

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