Bridal Bouquets For Three Luxury Destination Weddings

Bridal Bouquets For Three Luxury Destination Weddings

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Destination weddings are always an exciting event to plan and organise. It is fun and exciting to design your wedding, especially if you're getting married in a unique luxury destination somewhere in the world! In this article, we have reviewed three famous and popular locations and matched a bridal bouquet to them. Read more about our wedding flowers and learn how easy it is to choose and order online with our worldwide delivery service in 250 countries globally.

Eco-Friendly Flowers for Weddings for 3 top destinations

Wherever your wedding will be, we will deliver the wedding flowers you are looking for. Ranging from the bridal bouquet, buttonhole or wedding centrepiece. Our wedding flower arrangements fall in the category of so-called forever flowers. Amaranté Forever flowers are naturally processed and undergo an eco-friendly process to extend their life, maintaining their beauty and fragrance for at least one year. If kept away from direct sunlight and air conditioning outlets, they can last for three years. You can find out more about our sustainability policy.

Wedding Flowers for 3 Exclusive Destinations

According to our research and found that some couples getting married in the UK prefer a small wedding in an exclusive/exotic location. We will discuss three wedding locations:

  • Lake Como (Italy);
  • Tulum in Mexico;
  • Bali in Indonesia;
and which wedding flowers make the perfect fit.


A Bridal Bouquet for Your Lake Como Wedding

Lake Como in Italy is an exclusive fairy tale location for a wedding in Italy. Crystal blue waters and the vibrant greenery of the mountains make an ideal landscape. While vast courtyards add to a fairytale wedding. Tall pillars wound with beautiful greenery emulate the stunning history and nature that has moulded together.

Your Wedding Flower Arrangement will be important décor to bring this location to life. Villa del Balbianello is one of Lake Como's more famous wedding locations. Before a monastery from the 13th century, this villa will bring all your fairytale dreams to life.

Our Wild Love Bridal Bouquet matches the scenery and surroundings of this luxury villa and is an exquisite addition to this location.

A luxury bridal bouquet brings the wildness of natural flowers to the wedding aisle.
Wild Love Bridal Bouquet

Different tones of green are accompanied by whites and creams. These eco-friendly flowers are the ideal dried flower bouquet for such a place.

The tones and shades represent Lake Como's landscape. Our head florist has used a lot of differentiating greenery. This adds to and completes the look that would be perfect with the added landscape. It is a mountainous area with lots of forestries. This is the ideal complementary assortment for this luxury wedding location in northern Italy.

Although wild in its appearance, this bouquet is made to precision. A bridal bouquet for an elegant look that fits perfectly within the location.

Loving Tulum Forever

Tulum in Mexico is an ideal location for any prospective bride or groom looking for a rustic, boho landscape. Known for its stone washed walls and muted neutral interior décor. For this reason, Tulum is the location where our Love Forever bridal bouquet would prosper.

This is where a neutral inspired bouquet would look ravishing in a bohemian wedding theme. Love Forever is a bouquet designed with a modern yet rustic look: a floral arrangement that makes a luxurious assorted combination. By pairing the modernity of white infinity roses, and rustic dried flowers. This is a luxury bridal bouquet that's representative of Tulum's modern yet rustic aesthetic.

A Bohemian bridal bouquet based on our Bleached Haze Dried Flowers, with beautiful bleached whites and browns for the bride who desires a modern spin on tradition.
Love Forever Bridal Bouquet

This assortment will bring your bohemian theme to life with its delicate balance between the white roses and stone-coloured florals with only a tint of rustic orange. This luxury bouquet is for the bride that enjoys an aesthetic with wooden accents. The nature-inspired rustic forever flowers will be perfect for a location like Tulum.

The beautiful tones of white recall Tulum's stunning soft sand beaches. The fan palm gives this bouquet a little detail of exoticness. This bouquet also matches the stone-coloured florals to portray Tulum's interiors.

Blushing Bali Bride

Bali in Indonesia has become the ideal spot for travel, events, and more! The beautiful cliffs, the gorgeous rice fields, and the gorgeous mix of colours make for breath-taking visuals.

For a wedding in Bali, you need a wedding bouquet that will wow your guests. The ideal choice is a bridal bouquet with colourful qualities yet still beautifully sustainable. Our Bridal Blush bouquet will be the finishing touch to your wedding in Bali.

Your bridal bouquet should perfectly reflect the décor for your wedding theme. This bouquet pops with colour and will perfectly match Bali's landscape. The gorgeous cliff edges overlook the blue ocean and the warming Bali sun, contrasting with the vibrant green plants and the colourful interior as your landscape. This dried flower bouquet is just what you were looking for.

 Luxury Bridal Bouquet featuring vintage-styled line of dried flowers from This  Collection. This bouquet has a strong character with its cool, blushing pink tones.
Bridal Blush Bouquet

Above all, these dried flowers use stunning pink shades accompanied by darker tones of purple/maroon and accents of sandy colours.

Created using pastel pink infinity roses, these cool colour tones make this long-lasting wedding bouquet memorabilia. The pampas, grass and wheat used in this arrangement are wedding flower inspiration pulled from a portrayal of Bali's rice fields.

The use of colour represents Indonesia's exotic flowers. It will make your wedding dreams come to life. A wedding flower arrangement from this collection will be a wonderful addition to your wedding in Bali.

Our Flowers, Your International Wedding

Whether you're jetting off to the next country over or the other side of the world, you can have your wedding flower arrangement delivered just about anywhere in the world. Speak with our customer support and arrange for a consultation to have your bespoke flowers for your prepared and delivered in more than 250 countries worldwide.

We know it can be very hard to organise a wedding that involves travel. This is why we're able to ship your chosen wedding flowers directly to your venue, whichever dreamy location you decide is the one. Whether you'd like a whole collection or a single bouquet, we're proud to be able to offer fast, hassle-free shipping all across the world.

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