Bohemian Wedding Flowers to Match Your Wedding Theme

Magical Adore You Dried Flowers

Our magical new bohemian wedding flowers are here, and it is everything you need for a themed wedding. From forest to Hawaii weddings, themed weddings are popular today more than ever. When it comes to planning a wedding, brides want to have a perfect and memorable day undoubtedly. Theme weddings transfer weddings from simply amazing to extraordinary.

This is why people now tend to opt for them over a traditional wedding. Once the bride and groom choose a theme, the flowers and wedding floral centrepieces are next on the to-do list. So how to go about that?

The bohemian wedding flowers collection comes in six unique assortments. Each group provides different colours and steams. Available in five arrangements of idyllic bridal and bridesmaids' bouquets. Along with wedding centrepieces, flower jars and buttonholes. 

We understand how stressful weddings can be. Which is why with our dried florals, brides can relax knowing they will have a perfect day with our collection. Our florist chooses each of the delicate stems that comprise collections carefully. We have got your bridal bouquets covered, from bohemian wedding flowers in centrepieces to buttonholes. 

So, how do you choose which collection? Flowers speak louder than words. Deciding which flowers work best for you comes down to the message you want to convey.

Tropical Wedding

If you are planning a tropical wedding, the exotic Bohemian Bride collection is the array for you. This assortment includes mellow orange and yellow, balanced with cool greens. Together, these colours will symbolise warmth, happiness, joy, modesty, and excitement.

This floral arrangement featuresstems such as Eryngium, Mimosa and more for an ideal bohemian wedding flowers bouquet. Together, they create a bouquet that symbolises strength, purification and positive energy. It also includes Mimosa representing flare sunlight. Our Florist designed the bridesmaids bouquet with similar stems. Yet, it doesn't include the fan palm. It includes Protea and Craspedia to embody good health and beauty. These Wedding floral centrepieces will undoubtedly catch your eye.

It contains similar coloured flowers to the bridal and bridesmaids bouquets too. It encompasses the Brown broom to represent profusion and strength. Our magical dried flowers in jars are the most significant addition to wedding floral centrepieces. They include similar elements to that of them. Additionally, it encompasses Papaver, implying remembrance and commitment. Finally, the buttonholes embrace wheat, orange broom, and more to denote adventure.

Fragrant bohemian wedding flowers
Bohemian Bride Dried Flower Bouquet

Fairytale Bridal Bouquets

Forfeited with red, the luminous Adore You bohemian wedding flowers are ideal for a magical theme. It is the colour of romance, danger, love, power, life, health, courage, and religious fervour. Additionally, Red has represented fairytales in popular culture.

By choosing this collection, you will have an array of bohemian wedding flowers that express your love. The bouquets feature Papaver, Eucalyptus, Nigella, and more. It represented feelings of remembrance, love, commitment, harmony, and strength.

This bridesmaid's bouquet also includes lavender to symbolise purity and devotion. For dreamy wedding floral centrepieces, our Adore You centrepiece dried flowers are great. It includes thistle to characterise feelings of pride and protection. It also has Limonium represents beauty, success, and sympathy. They encompass Amaranthus, Broom to convey feelings of strength and endless love.

 Majestic flowers bursting with vibrant and prismatic coloured stems in the adore you wedding collection
Adore You Buttonhole

A Barn Wedding

Who doesn't love a good old barn wedding? Bringing people together in a well loved space to celebrate a unique romantic union. Barn weddings also enable brides and to embrace the heritage, whilst adding a hint of romance too.

For all the country-hearted brides, the Love Forever wedding collection may be perfect. Inspired by romance, country, and vintage, it includes white, peach, light pink, with a hint of green. With that, you will have wedding bouquets that symbolise tenderness, femininity and modesty. The bouquet includes eco flowers like Pampas, cotton, infinity roses and more. It creates wedding flowers that say feelings of beauty, remembrance, commitment, and healing.

Your bridesmaids' bouquets will be like yours. They will also include Miscanthus to imply a long life between two people. For traditional and romantic wedding floral centrepieces, consider this collection. Nigella flowers are amongst the stems, a wedding symbol conveying love and harmony. The flowers wedding jar would work well as simple wedding centrepieces too. They contain Protea - symbolising diversity and courage. Similarly, similar flowers to that in the centrepieces feature. Ultimately the sophisticated buttonhole incorporates Lagurus, Ruscus, and Gypsophila.

Classic Bridesmaid Flower Bouquet bursting with cool green and warm orange stems
Love Forever Bouquet

Everlasting Floral Love

The sheer beauty of every wedding flower collection is just how long every floral arrangement can be adored for. Whether you buy your flowers weeks or months before the special day, or maybe even the day before. Each of our unique bouquets are designed to last for many Yeats to come.

Whether you're going to save every beautiful stem for the next special occasion or spread joy amongst your guests. Our wedding flowers provide long-lasting bliss for every happy couple.

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