Wedding Ceremony Flowers that Will Last Up to Three Years

Wedding Ceremony Flowers that Will Last Up to Three Years

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With the world slowly getting back to normal, there are suddenly so many more wedding bells in the air. Yet, no matter their situation, all couples dream about is having their perfect wedding day with so much so prepared, details as small and slight as what wedding ceremony flowers to choose can be a task that is either overlooked until the very last minute or overthought about and no decision is ever really made.

It can be hard to know which flowers will be those perfect flowers. Some couples may have a particular ideal and can't imagine anything else, while others may be more open to trying different styles until the winning type is found.

When you think of wedding ceremony flowers, the first thing that often comes to mind is roses. Beautiful, elegant and serine roses that effortlessly captures everything people tend to think about when it comes to love. Roses alone have always symbolised love and passion, prominent themes within everything to do with a wedding. Red roses especially promote passion, love and desire. Nothing says I love you more clearly than a box of illustrious ruby red infinity roses.

Red Roses as the Obvious Choice? Think Again...

While red roses may seem obvious, they aren't the only option when creating the perfect floral wedding look. Although darker than the traditional red, maroon forever roses also signify passion and elegance, ideal for those going for that "by the book" look with more of a classic touch.

Magical wedding ceremony flowers photographed in a blushing pink pack
Red Infinity Roses

The other colour that feels like a wedding is, of course, white. Promoting innocence, purity and everlasting love, white is a choice can any couple can feel confident will fit well within any theme even if the bride goes for a less traditional colour for their wedding dress, like red, white roses never fail to stimulate the message of everlasting love.

No matter how beautiful they are on the day, how many couples will remember much about the flowers they had on their wedding day? Will they remember their remarkable scent? Or how about the delicacy of each fragile petal? For many, flowers are an aesthetic decoration that's perfect for every part of this magical day.

From being placed throughout the room where the ceremony happens to small, subtle pieces in the reception, flowers add a simple yet stylish touch to any and every type of room.

Elegant wedding ceremony flowers shown in a large bold package by a fireplace
White Forever Roses

But would it make your wedding even more memorable? Choosing wedding day decorations that last longer than days

Imagine choosing your favourite rose and taking it home with you? Given that forever roses have a 365-day guarantee, a single rose can encompass a vast variety of memories that can be made over years, not days. That could feel especially important to those who value sentiment above all else.

Using roses that last for years could also create a long-lasting gift for guests that they could enjoy for much more than a few days. Imagine being able to gift each of your guests just a single rose that they'll all be able to look back on with vivid memories of your special day.

Enchanting wedding ceremony flowers shown alongside other types of roses
Red Wedding Infinity Roses

Forever Roses, for all Wedding Themes

No matter your style, colour scheme or wedding ideals, the right infinity roses are guaranteed to be found here, allowing you to take your big day from memorable to unforgettable, all through a single to a large rose arrangement. If have chosen your wedding flowers and you are looking for more wedding arrangement inspirations for different themes, click here to read more!

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