Birthday flowers for her that stand out and last "forever"

Birthday flowers for her that stand out and last "forever"

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Do you go for something classic like chocolate or a new glorious handbag that every woman loves? Why not combine that something more personal with a luxury bouquet of birthday flowers for her.

In this article, we'll introduce you to our timeless collections of eco-friendly roses in rose boxes. You can treat every woman in your life to an eco-friendly birthday bouquet she can enjoy for years, not days - no matter your relationship.

Bouquet of flowers featuring bright Red Roses - Amaranté Flowers
Bouquet of Eco-Friendly Flowers with Red Roses

The Best Birthday Flowers for Her: Roses

If you’re searching for that perfect birthday bouquet for your significant other, Infinity Roses are the perfect solution. Everyone knows that roses make the ideal gift when you're trying to be romantic. There are several options available for you to surprise her with an impeccable arrangement of birthday roses she can treasure for years. Choose from a single rose, in acrylic jewellery box, or small, to medium and large round and square rose box.

Roses Have the Potential to be So Much More than Just One Gift

Birthday roses are a great opportunity to surprise her with a second gift. Whether that's a well-crafted handwritten note or even a ring carefully placed within the roses of a rose box.

Send Birthday Bouquet of Flowers that last years not Days

But even being one of the most romantic gifts around, roses might not be the ideal gift. If birthday flowers for her doesn't sound like a good idea, think again. Our flowers are eco-friendly and sustainable - this could change her mind about roses and flowers more in general. Our infinity roses are guaranteed to last at least one year and can last up to three, if kept out of direct sunlight and away from air conditioning outlets. 

Birthday Flowers That Can Be Enjoyed by Everyone

No matter if she loves a classic, medium size popular arrangement or something fresh and new and vibrant.

Light Blue Roses in Dark Blue Hatbox with elegant Suede Finish
Blue Roses in a Hatbox

Birthday Flowers for a Friend

Have you ever found that buying something for a friend can be harder than buying for anyone else? Especially when it comes to flowers. Gifting flowers is mostly seen as an overly romantic or kind gesture. It can be hard to know which flowers are seen as respectable to give to a friend. In fact, you need to identify the best floral arrangement to give her.

Never Rule Out Roses as the Best Birthday Gift

Although known as the most romantic type of flower, birthday roses are a great gift idea. While red roses will always be the most popular, we feature fourteen different colours from which to choose. Each colour has  a specific meaning. You can choose either a single rose or a rose box to best suit her personality and tastes.

Choose the Right Colour for her Birthday Roses

Light Blue Roses in rose boxes are ideal for the energetic and joyful woman everyone enjoys being around.

A single blue rose is the perfect gift for the more mysterious woman who likes to be the odd one out. For those who are confident, a black rose is particularly indicated. No matter what type of person your friend may be, roses are a birthday  gift that she will enjoy.


Royal Blue Single infinity rose in jewellery box
Single Infinity Rose

Forever Flowers Don't Require Watering

Amaranté eco-friendly flowers come free of the typical care and needs of fresh flowers. They make an especially good birthday bouquet for her if she has problems keeping plants alive! This can be especially true about our older relatives, from your typical Grandma or your mum who prefers other hobbies.

An elegant flower arrangement of birthday flowers for her can have a true meaning or just be a floral arrangement she'll like the look of. Above everything else, flowers are for all and can always be loved and appreciated. Whether you’re buying 21 roses for a 21st birthday or a single dried bouquet to keep your Grandma’s house feeling alive for far longer than her birthday, forever flowers have the power to be cherished by everyone.

Send Birthday Flowers to Show You Care

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infinity rose - Amaranté eco-friendly Flowers
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