Three very trendy dried flower bouquets and arrangements for home and office

Hi Everyone, this article is about dried flower arrangements and creating a dried flower bouquet. In this article I describe our bespoke dried flower bouquets, beautifully gift wrapped for you to arrange at home or to brighten up your office for as long as three years. Creating a bouquet with your dried flowers is simple: cut the stems down to the right size and place in a vase. Learn how to arrange the blooms with our series of step-by-step masterclasses for you assemble your bouquet once you receive our flowers.

When I'm creating or curating a collection of dried flowers, I tend to start with neutral, earthy colour palettes. I think this is because these are the colours and flowers people are most drawn to because there's a familiarity around browns and greens in nature. We are generally most comfortable looking at this kind of palette first when it comes to flowers, particularly dried stems.

For both Rustic Meadow from the previous collection and Bleached Haze in this new collection, I researched and took inspiration from the imagery of fields and flowers that almost grow already dried, for example, Pampas grass and wheat. These are hugely popular at the moment and tie in beautifully to this Scandi, more minimal look some people are going for. 

After completing all of my inspiration boards, I created Bleached Haze, Keep it Green, and you all loved Rustic Meadow so much that we wanted to bring it to you in another size. These are three totally different bouquets that all pull on the neutral tones we discussed earlier. 

The Bleached Haze Bouquet

I like to look at Bleached Haze bouquet as the more statement sister of Rustic Meadow – it has some of the same stems, such as Pampas, Gypsophila and bleached Ruscus but plays on the brighter side of it to really make a statement in your home and can give the workplace a very elegant look .

It looks really gorgeous against the dark wood tones – the contrast in colour works really nicely and actually looks quite chic. 

The Rustic Meadow Bouquet

Rustic Meadow mini is perfect for a side cabinet or along with a fireplace. It will look very dainty in the home. We've used this beautiful Wheat and Lagurus once again, as well as my favourite textured foliages, to create a whimsical and delicate arrangement. 

The Keep it Green Bouquet

Keep it Green, which is a pure foliage bouquet, was something that we felt the collection wasn't complete without. Vases packed with different sized and shaped leaves are really on-trend, and we had to include them. We've included two types of Eucalyptus, which still smells like the Eucalyptus that we all love because it's preserved and not dried. It's such a simple yet elegant arrangement that can transform any room.

When you look at all of these dried flower bouquet arrangements together, you can really see how all the earthy tones tie in with the completed designs. The colours work beautifully together and will stay looking beautiful in your home for up to 3 years. Upcycling furniture by staining wood in different colours and antique finds are really trendy.

These dried flower bouquets in the neutral collection work perfectly against these tones, not to mention it's the most sustainable way to keep your home and office looking design-led.

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Dried flowers ethically designed to leave the smallest possible carbon footprint. Our bouquets last for as long as three years, making them the perfect sustainable alternative to fresh flowers.
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