The History of Mother's Day

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Many especially acknowledge the mothers' role in their lives during this annual tradition. Celebrate Mother’s Day with love, support, and gratitude. And that can be perfectly done with an elegant floral arrangement. Most countries celebrate this holiday on different days depending on the country you live in. However one thing that remains constant is the traditional bouquet for a memorable gift.

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The History of Mothering Sunday

Like many traditions, Mother's Day started as a religious practice in the UK. During the 16th century, people in the UK attended an exceptional service at their "mother church", or the chapel they were baptised on the fourth Sunday in Lent. This unique gathering had the power to reunite entire families. It became a true family-honoured tradition.

On this day, children who worked as apprentices away from home had a day off to join their relatives and, especially, meet their mother. To Celebrate Mother’s Day, on their way back home, children would pick wildflowers to place them in the church or give them to their mothers. This custom evolved into the tradition of delivering flowers to mothers. It shouldn't come as a surprise, then, that Mother’s Day roses are a great gift.


It was officially established in the US in 1908 by Lady Anna Jarvis of West Virgina. She held a memorial to honour her late Mother and pushed hard for an official holiday to celebrate Mother's Day worldwide.

In 1914l after a lot of hard work and promotion, US President Woodrow Wilson finally made a proclamation. He established the second Sunday of Mat as the official US date for the observance of a national day to celebrate mothers.

Shortly after the holiday became famous, and people celebrate it. People from the UK and Ireland unified this celebration, marking the two occurrences on the same day.

Show Your Love with Gift-Giving on 27th March 2022

The celebration usually represents an excellent opportunity to reunite families. This time can also be used to organise a special gathering.

The past few years have meant that many families have not been able to spend this day with each other in person. This means that people have started to find creative ways to surprise and treat their mothers on 27th March 2022. You might have found yourself at a loss for ideas but remember that this event symbolises many meaningful traditions.

Traditions could become the novelty you were looking for to show your mum gratitude and appreciation. Especially in the UK, traditional gifts include beautiful flowers and Simnel cake.

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Magical Roses - The Most Potent Gift to Give on 27th March 2022

For centuries, people have linked motherhood with life and fertility. Flowers and plants represent these attributes and reminders of beauty and purity, just as mothers do. As a result, flowers have a significant role in traditional UK Mothering Sunday. Kids handpick wildflowers to create stunning colourful bouquets for their beloved mothers.

Today, you can also spoil your mother with more long-lasting gifts such as perfume, jewellery, or luxury flowers. While any rose colour would make a great impression, traditionally, soft pink flowers represent a mother’s love.

Pink roses have the power to transform someone's day by expressing just the right emotions without saying a word. Pink Mother’s Day roses also convey softness, admiration, and appreciation, making your mum feel loved and special for as long as they’re in bloom.

On special occasions like this, the number of roses in your arrangement does not matter. Regardless of the size, this gift perfectly conveys your genuine emotions and care.

Roses are a gift like none other and always a pleasure to receive.

Gifting an arrangement of flowers on the joyous occasion of Mother's Day will make every mum feel appreciated and supported. You will also show her that you care about her and acknowledge her efforts with this gift.

Studies have also shown that flowers have a positive long-term effect on the spirit. They can suddenly create a sparkle of joy in the eyes of those who receive them, especially if they come as an unexpected gift.

Powerful Symbolism

Roses are also known to be carriers of secrets. They speak a secret language that can perfectly reveal your deepest thoughts. Sometimes, it can be challenging for sons or daughters to express their real feelings towards their mum. But these Mother’s Day forever roses can communicate love, affection, respect, admiration, gratefulness, and much more.

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Environmentally Friendly Flowers to Celebrate Mother’s Day

We hold a commitment to helping the planet. We do this through supporting Fairtrade rose farming and working directly with our Fairtrade farms. While traditional Mother’s Day rose gifts only stay fresh and beautiful for a few days, each of our roses are naturally sustained to last for years, ensuring your gift is a true one of a kind.

By purchasing our infinity roses, you will ensure a better future for the planet. They are an eco-friendly and everlasting option that will fill your mother’s heart with joy. But once you've chosen which flowers your mum will best adore, you can keep searching for the perfect floral gift for other upcoming celebrations too. Click here to find out more.

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