The Top Five Earth Conscious Gifts for Christmas

The Top Five Earth Conscious Gifts for Christmas

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While people may not associate flowers with every season, they are the perfect gifts to give during the festive season. Beautiful blooms provide you and others with positive energy as well as tranquillity. Since no holiday is complete without flowers, our elegant preserved flowers make for extraordinary ethical Christmas gifts. They are available in an assortment of vivid and cool colours.

Since flowers speak a thousand words, each of our flowers carries a symbolic message. They are great for different personality traits as well as recipients.

Gift-Giving Over the Centuries

So, when did the custom of gift-giving on Christmas begin?

People believe that the tradition of giving gifts on Christmas started around the time Christianity was popular amongst Roman lands, and many recognised December 25th as Christmas day. The ritual of giving favours of biblical Magi began when people were expected to give presents to baby Jesus. That led to the tradition becoming popular in countries like the United Kingdom and other Christian countries. People also considered Saint Nicholas Day as the day of giving and receiving gifts.

Here, we have listed our top five roses in acrylic packaging, wonderful for Earth conscious gifts for those who wish to receive a gift that is beautiful and doesn't harm the planet.

1. Powerful Red

For wonderful Earth conscious gifts for a special someone, consider our fragrant Red Roses. The colour represents romance, appreciation, and love. These dreamy roses are ideal as ethical gifts for a youthful and bold personality.

They also draw attention and provoke emotions linked to power. You can purchase the red rosettes in two shades – deep red and red. They also symbolise religious fervour, making them excellent for this time of year. For messages of love at first sight, think of the single rose.

2. Affectionate Family

When giving a parent an Earth conscious gift, look no further than our gorgeous Purple Roses. These flowers come in two shades of purple but equally imply luxury, nurture, and mystery. What makes them even more excellent as ethical Christmas gifts is that they denote spirituality and wisdom too.

They also connote compassion, positivity, and fantasy. For a gift that portrays these messages powerfully, think of our nine roses in a classic acrylic jewellery box. They will also imply eternal love and a lifetime. They are also ideal for those with wise and imaginative personalities. For a partner, pick the four roses as a way of saying 'nothing will come between us'.

3. Comfy Pink

For an Earth conscious gift for a sibling, consider our blushing Pink blooms. These gorgeous flowers imply kindness, gratitude, and innocence. They arouse sentiments like comfort, energy and has an uplifting effect too.

That also makes them ideal for expressing love to a special someone or a friend. It's a characteristic of intuition and respect, making them perfect for a parent or an older sibling. It can be an excellent choice for ethical gifts for caring, sympathetic, and generous personalities.

Exquisite Pink Flowers bursting with blushing petals
Enchanting Pink Roses

4. Cosy and Warm

Bursting with warm stems, the exquisite flowers in orange and Yellow are the optimum choice when giving a friend Earth conscious gifts. These colours imply optimism, creativity, and acceptance. They should evoke communication and positive mental health, making them ideal for the new year as well. They are an idyllic choice for someone with an energetic, playful, and witty personality. That also makes these flowers ideal as gifts for siblings.

The number of roses you choose to include in a box also affect the message they portray. To show a friend how deeply you care for them, consider the small box. They imply kindness and sympathy.

Delightful yellow preserved flowers in a rose box imbued with warm colours
Exquisite Yellow Roses

Winter Paradise

Look no further than the Blue Roses for earth-conscious gifts that will effortlessly complement the cold weather. These preserved flowers are ideal for artists and innovative personalities; these flowers are a great choice as long-lasting, meaningful gifts. It produces relaxing, calming, and authoritative emotions. Also, they are another common choice for older siblings or parents, representing energetic and supportive traits.

Ethical Gifts for a Christmas Away from Home

Our Roses are the ultimate choice for an ethical Christmas gift. They match every occasion and personality, with symbolic messages inside each delicate rose. Since we understand that not everyone can spend the holidays with their loved ones, we made sure to deliver every elegant roses worldwide. This way, you will have a gift that perfectly demonstrates just how much you care for family and friends, even when you are away.

We've created each of our delicate and fragrant roses with a careful preservation method. They are also directly sourced from B Corp farms in Ecuador with a fair wage and working conditions at heart. Our roses are an excellent option not only for Christmas, but for all occasions too. So, if you want to read more about our flowers, click here

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