Amaranté's Most Popular Flowers for Christmas and The Festive Gifting Season

Amaranté's Most Popular Flowers for Christmas and The Festive Gifting Season

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We are so glad and excited to present our Christmas Collection this year. We have worked hard to bring you a Christmas Collection that will look amazing in any home. Our florists came up with two alternative looks for your home this Christmas.

We have variations of each style and size: medium and large wreaths, bouquets and mini-bouquets in jam jars. This way, you can pick whichever suits you and your home best. Better yet, you can purchase the wreath and a bouquet to keep the theme in your home consistent. They are also perfect as a gift – you can give someone a festive floral arrangement that brightens their home.

The Winter Forest Bouquet

We wanted to create a traditional style that could go in everyone's homes which is why we created a bouquet that includes traditional festive colours of red and green. Our expert florists have included stems perfect for the festive season, such as thistles and ferns. They have also included our renowned infinity roses in red, bringing all the love of this bouquet together and giving it a romantic Christmas touch. You could gift it to your partner during the festive season. The colour combinations here are ideal for gifting. You could buy this for your home to begin your Christmas decorations if you prefer.

Winter Forest Dried Flower Bouquet
Winter Forest Bouquet - Christmas Flowers

You could purchase this luscious bouquet in a medium bouquet to adorn a dining table or a hallway. If you would rather spread the love and beauty of these dried flowers, purchase them in jam jars. That way, you could spread them out in your home on shelves, bathrooms, and kitchens. Once the festive season is over, you can rearrange these bouquets by removing festive stems and later use them all year round.

The Winter Forest Christmas Wreath

Our Christmas Wreath will be a fun DIY for you and your family during the festivities. We want to offer you the option to make your wreath with our sustainable dried flowers and have it to use every year after that. Made with Eucalyptus leaves and red dried florals to brighten up the wreath and give it a traditional festive look.

Inspired by Christmas markets, the great thing about this particular wreath is that you can add dried fruits. In some areas of the world, dried fruits are seen as festive, and we are giving you the option to do this to bring more festivities into your home.

 Christmas Wreath: Winter Forest
Winter Forest Wreath

White Wonderland Bouquet

Our second style of dried flower bouquet is inspired by frosted woodlands, we wanted to emulate that through our florals. Our head florist said another inspiration behind this bouquet is a castle she wants to visit on her travels across Europe. The colours are mostly white, and this is to represent snowy landscapes. Using cotton flowers gives it that snowy winter look and makes it feel like Christmas at home.

The special fern used in this arrangement has been preserved in an antique champagne shade, making your bouquet look like the perfect luxury gift. The white is accompanied by browns, allowing the bouquet to mirror the features of frosted woodland.

White Wonderland Bouquet - Flowers for Christmas
White Wonderland Bouquet - Dried Flowers for Christmas

This bouquet is available in medium and large sizes to decorate your home with a winter wonderland-like landscape. You can also purchase the bouquet in jam jars to spread out in your home or gift to a loved one this festive season in their new home. Whatever the circumstance, this bouquet will bring a heartwarming festivity to your home. 

The White Wonderland Christmas Wreath

In this wreath for Christmas, we wanted to keep the bar bare as it is gold and adds to the festivity. Pine cones were included in this wreath and are a traditional Christmas decoration. We used delicate white, and cream stems for this wreath - replicating a white Christmas with lots of snow.

The golden ring makes a great addition to the Christmas tradition, as gold is heavily associated with Christmas decorations. The same as Winter Forest, this wreath is also interactive, and you can create it yourself.

Christmas Wreath: White Wonderland
White Wonderland Christmas Wreath made with Dried Flowers

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We worked incredibly hard on these Christmas flowers, so you can decorate your home in beautiful, sustainable florals that can be used all year round and are not harmful to our planet. Whether you want to purchase one for your home this Christmas or gift it to a loved one, we guarantee you will adore it.

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