Luxury Bridesmaid Bouquets, Eco-Friendly Wedding Flowers For The Girls

Luxury Bridesmaid Bouquets, Eco-Friendly Wedding Flowers For The Girls

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Traditionally, bridesmaid bouquets are created using flowers that fade and perish in a matter of days. Our forever flowers combine traditional elements with sustainability to make your bridesmaids feel extra special on the big day. In this article, we describe our wedding bouquets designed and created especially for the bridesmaids, that will work for any type or style of themed wedding - read on!

Choosing the Right Wedding Bouquet

Your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life. Excitement and pressure build as your special day draws closer.

That is where bridesmaid's come in.

They'll support you in different aspects during the wedding, from helping to choose the dress to the wedding flower arrangement.

If you're looking for an elegant bridesmaids bouquet, these sustainable, eco-friendly wedding flowers are just for you. Our collection of wedding flowers comes in a wide array of warm and cool colours from which to choose.

The Bridesmaid Tradition

When the custom of having a bridesmaid for one's wedding started, the bride would choose a single lady. However, it has become popular to include multiple girls in more modern times, all seeking to help and be a significant part of your wedding: The bridesmaid bouquet will help them stand out and support you on such an important day!

Classical and Traditional, or Modern

If you are searching for the perfect wedding bouquet for your bridesmaids, ask yourself if you set your heart on traditional flowers or if you're interested in a slightly different design. 

The perfect way to add sparkle and colour to your bridesmaid's experience is with her wedding bouquet. Whether you want classic white or prefer something more unique, there's an option to match your expectations and  personality - let's review our two trendy bouquets many brides have chosen here at Amaranté.

Love Forever Bridesmaid Bouquet

The Love Forever is a delicate bouquet, symbolising innocence and new starts. The inclusion of orange dried flowers hints at adding warmth and positivity to your wedding flowers.

This bouquet delivers a message of creativity and encouragement. These stems include Fan Palm, Miscanthus, Cotton, and more. Together, these exquisite flowers characterise beauty and protection.

Luxury Bridesmaid Bouquet featuring white roses, perfectly woven within more eccentric and rustic stems and cotton
Love Forever Bridesmaid Bouquet

Natural Vintage

Our Wild Love bouquet is a perfect fit for an outdoor wedding. Victorian greenhouses inspire the Wild Love wedding flowers. They have vivid green, yellow, and white coloured stems. That makes them an idyllic choice for those with a nature-loving personality.

Together, the colours in this collection will represent renewal, warmth, and positivity. That makes them another excellent choice for conventional wedding flowers for a bouquet. The exotic stems in this bouquet are Banksia, Eucalyptus, Green Broom, and more. Jointly, these aromatic flowers will denote rebirth, remembrance, and magic.

Bridesmaid bouquet that is toned down from our bridal bouquet but still has all the essential stems and colours to create a beautiful bouquet to replicate mother earth with carefully selected dried flowers and foliage.
Wild Love, Luxury Bridesmaid Bouquet

Feminine and Luxurious

For a traditionally feminine bouquet, consider the Bridal Blush flowers. This collection contains lovely pink colours. It is the ultimate choice for typical wedding flowers. Moreover, the colour evokes caring, nurturing, and playful sentiments.

You can use it to stimulate energy, calmness, and innocence. It is also said that pink flowers boost the heart pulse. That makes this bouquet another standard option for this joyous and romantic occasion. This collection includes Red Eucalyptus, Red Amaranthus, Pink Broom, and more. Altogether, these dreamy flowers will signify purity, beauty, and love.

Vintage-styled Luxury Bridesmaid Bouquet
Vintage-styled Luxury Bridesmaid Bouquet (Bridal Blush)

Romance and Magic

These gorgeous dried flowers are the best choice for a traditional bouquet. The Adore You bouquet is all you need for the ultimate traditional wedding. It includes stems bursting with classic romantic red, pink, and white colours.

The colours will symbolise romance, appreciation, and beauty. Red is also known as the colour of magic, which will allow you to add a 'fairy-tale' element to the wedding. It evokes ambition, courage, and motivational feelings. That makes these delicate flowers perfect for this occasion.

Flowers in this collection are Red Eucalyptus, Medium Palm, and more. Moreover, this bouquet's stems will imply purity, peace, and eternal life.

Luxury Bridesmaid Bouquet featuring large red roses and other unique dried flowers such as  pampas, nigella and red broom
Luxury Bridesmaid Bouquet with Large Red Roses

Make it Your own

The Love Story flowers are the ultimate choice for a classic bouquet. The roses in the collection are up to you to choose. That includes an array of fragrant dried flowers too. The group mainly has flowers like Green Eucalyptus, Cinera Eucalyptus, Lepidium, and more. Together, these stems will represent revitalisation and new beginnings. That is what makes these florals optimal for this occasion.

Elegant bridesmaid bouquet to match any wedding theme, features 5 large red roses along with Eucalyptus cinera, Eucalyptus nicoli green, Ruscus green, Lepidium, Sword fern and Mini spear.
Bridesmaid Bouquet with Large Red Roses and Deep Green Dried Flowers

A Timeless Wedding Bouquet for your Bridesmaids

Our dried flower bouquets are long-lasting, allowing you and your loved ones to remember this special day for years, not days. The wedding bouquets we have described in this article are a magnificent gift for the girls at your bridal party.

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