Our most Popular Mens' Wedding Flowers

Our most Popular Mens' Wedding Flowers

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Now and then, a particular fashion statement steals people's hearts away. So much so that they remain a favourite for years to come, and men's wedding flowers are no exception. Our charming wedding buttonholes come in various vivid and cool colours that are guaranteed to be a perfect match for whichever wedding theme you have in mind.

In this article we'll review our most popular wedding buttonhole flowers for traditional weddings, cultural, or other religious Weddings. So, when did the practice of wearing boutonnieres begin?

A Brief History of the Buttonhole Flower

We found it quite interesting to discover how the phrase buttonhole flowers is of French origin. In fact it is derived from boutonniere. People first used it during the 16th century. Many considered using the buttonhole flower to ward off evil and harmful energy.

It wasn't until the 18th century that men's wedding flowers, in particular buttonholes, became a fashion piece at weddings. Many believe that the French followed the same tradition soon. During the 19th century, boutonnieres became popular amongst those who followed the Romantic Movement. Wedding buttonhole flowers let the Groom stand out on their wedding day.

The popularity of men wearing a buttonhole remains today. Here, we have listed the most popular wedding buttonholes available in our wedding flowers collection.

Men's Wedding Flowers: A Romantic Touch for Him

For a romantic and vintage-inspired wedding, look no further than our mesmerising Adore You Buttonhole flowers. We designed this small luxury bouquet of dried flowers with fiery red stems - a great choice for any wedding theme and the passionate Groom. This men's wedding flower is inspired by rose gardens and represents romance, appreciation, and religious fervour. It can also symbolise excitement and confidence.

The combination of colours in this Buttonhole also evokes playfulness, is visually stimulating and attention-grabbing, and transmits positive energy. The stems in this Buttonhole are Red Eucalyptus, Medium Palm, and other elegant stems.

Wens wedding flowers with bright red stems
Adore You Men's Wedding Flowers

A Timeless and Refined Look for Him

If you're seeking a traditional and timeless wedding style, the Bridal Blush Buttonhole is the one for you. Flowers in this collection are calm and tender pink, with classic white dried flowers. Stimulated by the tradition of using pink for weddings, These wedding blooms are extraordinary and a tradition many adopt. The colour characterises softness, romance, warmth, and intuition. It evokes emotions like sympathy and calmness alongside playfulness.

The collections' stems include Eucalyptus, Red Amaranthus, Pink Broom, and more. You will have a collection to signify purity, beauty, and love for an unforgettable wedding.

Buttonhole for the Groom and all the boys of the male party
Wedding Buttonholes - Bridal Blush Collection

Unrehearsed and Spontaneous

An exotic Bohemian Bride buttonhole is a good option if you have a more spontaneous wedding in mind, like a destination wedding. These beautiful men's wedding flowers are shine with vibrant and earthy colours like yellow, orange and green. Together, these colours will imply revitalisation, happiness, and optimism.

They are also energetic and evoke social interactions, making them an idyllic option. Dried flowers in this collection include Burgundy Eucalyptus, Blue Eryngium, Mimosa, and more.

This is a buttonhole flower that celebrates the sunshine, independence, and physical attraction.

Exotic flowers infused with warm stems
Bohemian Bride Wedding Buttonhole Flowers

A Buttonhole for the Country Hearted

Our florists designed this buttonhole flower with Victorian greenhouses in mind. The Wild Love buttonhole is the perfect match for an outdoor wedding. The dried flowers in this small luxury bouquet have warm yellow, vivid green, and classic white stems. Together, they suggest new beginnings, purity, and warmth – timeless and important symbols for a wedding.

The colours in this buttonhole are the ideal choice for a countryside wedding because they include plants like Wheat. Other flowers in the assortment are Banksia, Eucalyptus, Green Broom.

Wild Love Wedding Buttonhole Flowers
The Wild Love Collection Buttonhole

Mens Wedding Flowers For a Romanic Wedding Theme

For stunning men's wedding flowers, Love Story dried flowers are the best option. The theme of this collection is fortified with vintage white, accompanied by s well as warm peach colours.

Flowers featured in this boutonniere are green Eucalyptus, Cinera Eucalyptus, Lepidium, etc.

The stems in this Buttonhole will symbolise revitalisation and purification and evoke sentiments like clarity, tranquillity, and positivity. People also believe that Lepidium offers a healing emotion.

Majestic dried flower boutonnieres infused with classic colours
Love Story Men's Flowers

Eco-Friendly Luxury Wedding Buttonhole Flowers for Men

Our luxury wedding buttonhole flowers are an excellent option for any wedding theme. Their timeless design makes for small living art pieces - forever flowers that will last for years, not days

Due to their sustainable nature, these buttonhole flowers will remain fresh and fragrant just like when you receive them.

Since your wedding could take place anywhere globally, our flowers are available for worldwide delivery. Whether a destination or a home wedding, your wedding flowers will arrive on time. If you are looking for more inspiration for extraordinary themed or traditional weddings, click here now!

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infinity rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers
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