Spread Joy with Enchanting Thanksgiving Flowers for a Special Friend

Spread Joy with Enchanting Thanksgiving Flowers for a Special Friend

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The holiday season is fast approaching. Some may look forward to celebrating with family, while others may celebrate with close friends. To show your love and appreciation, this Thanksgiving, why not bring something special to your celebrations. The gift of gorgeous flowers for a special friend may be just the thing!

The following collections of dried flower bouquets are ideal for a friend's dinner party. Available in several colours and various packaging, these dried flowers will surely put you and your loved ones in the festive spirit. So, when did the custom of Thanksgiving begin, and why is it celebrated in November?

Winter Forest Dried Flowers - Large Dried Flower Bouquet
Winter Forest Dried Flowers - Large Bouquet

The History of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a national holiday celebrated in many countries. The custom initially started as a day of giving thanks and making sacrifices for the blessing of the harvest. People celebrate this joyous day on the fourth Thursday of November. However, different countries celebrate on other dates too. For instance, some celebrate it on the second Monday of October every year.

Read on to find the perfect blooms to bring to your Thanksgiving celebrations this year.

Blooms of Autumn

Consider an elegant Fallen Leaves preserved bouquet for an assortment that will spread warmth and joy. This magical bouquet has tranquillising yellow, orange, and fiery red stems. Together, they symbolise happiness, optimism, and socialisation.

The colours will also evoke sentiments like energy, communication and enthusiasm. Featuring stems such as Achillea, Protea, and Banksia, even the smaller bouquets can complement more extensive settings.

Fallen Leaves - A delightful bouquet of dried flowers for thanksgiving.
Fallen Leaves Bouquet

Harvest Season

Celebrate the harvest season with the Earth-toned Urban Jungle preserved bouquet. Using a range of cool colour tones, these dried flowers will bring you closer than ever to nature. The colours denote energy, new beginnings, and peace.

The addition of a delicate Orange Protea adds a hint of warm Summer sunshine to the beautiful bouquet. This range will create a welcoming and safe environment in any home too. Blossoms embedded into the chic display are Amaranthus, Medium Sun Palm, Wheat and more. Together, they signify beauty, strength, loyalty and appreciation. When gifting a bouquet of flowers, think about the space where you'll place them to determine which size is best.

Urban Jungle - A neutral toned thanksgiving bouquet of dried flowers.
Urban Jungle Bouquet

Choose The Neutral Outdoor Flowers for a Friend

Choose the chic and modest White Wonderland flowers for a modern, simple, and clean floral arrangement.

Embellished with tender white tones, they are perfect for all who desire a straightforward design over extravagance. The colour white symbolises fresh starts, innocence, and purity. It is also a colour that easily aligns with various colour schemes and décor.

Preserved bouquets such as this include stems like Ruscus, Pampas, and Champagne Asparagus Fern, just to name a few! Together, they will imply humility, strength, protection and luck. These flowers come in two bouquet sizes, with an option for the stems to be arranged in three jars and in a festive wreath.

Whimsical snowflake flowers for a special friend displayed across three jars
White Wonderland Bouquet in Jars

Flowers for Warm Thanksgiving Holiday Celebrations

These preserved bouquets are designed to be adored for many years, meaning you can appreciate them for far longer than fresh flowers. These Thanksgiving flowers also don't require watering and should be kept out of direct sunlight.

Create festive memories in every corner of your home with the various colours and sizes available. Every bouquet will effortlessly complement certain areas in every type of home.

Creating unique layers filled with inviting dried stems such as thistles and eucalyptus, this DIY Wreath is a beautiful gift to cherish this holiday season
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