Environmentally Friendly Flowers, for a Magical Family Christmas Dinner

Environmentally Friendly Flowers, for a Magical Family Christmas Dinner

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The holiday season is here! And while some may say it's too late to decorate your home and plan for the family Christmas Day dinner, no one says it still can't be done. What better way to do so than with a range of fragrant, environmentally friendly dried flowers?

Accessible in many sizes and packaging, these forever flowers will be a home staple for all. They come in many eye-catching and cool colours that will make for a beautiful display for Christmas.

Since Christmas dinner is an essential part of the holidays, these Christmas floral table arrangements would surely be of great use to any table size or setting you have in mind. So, when did the tradition of Christmas dinner begin?

In the United Kingdom, many believe that eating Turkey at Christmas dates back to the 16th Century. King Henry VIII was the first monarch of England to have Turkey on Christmas. By 1573, many people in England were having turkeys served at English Christmas dinners. By the 17th Century, this then spread to England. 

Take a look at the list of ultimate Christmas floral table arrangements that will wow your guests.

A Magical Wonderland

For a chic yet straightforward preserved flowers arrangement, consider the White Wonderland collection.

Escape into a magical wonderland with these mesmerising Christmas flowers in calming, and elegant shades. The colours in this range represent purity, fresh starts, and innocence. With white being a timeless colour, these flowers will perfectly match any table size, colour, and setting theme you have in mind.

Blossoms in this array encompass Bleached Ruscus, Pampas, Champagne Asparagus Fern, and more. Jointly, they will suggest humility, strength, protection, and luck. Opt for the large bouquet to accent smaller spaces.

Gorgeous jar arrangements of Dried Flowers spread across three jars
White Wonderland Flowers

Frosted Meadow Flowers

For those seeking traditional, classic Christmas floral table arrangements, opt for the gorgeous Winter Forest flowers.

Inspired by snow imbued wild forest, these environmentally friendly flowers offer a sense of tradition and modernity too. With traditional colours like green and red, blue coloured stems will imply security, protection, and tranquillity, making them an excellent option for a family dinner.

Likewise, the fiery red roses and stems will increase appetite while connoting admiration, love, and courage. As for the green stems, they denote new beginnings and the start of the new year.

Blooms in this array include Red Broom, Red Thistle, Protea, Green Carthamus and more. Jointly, these flowers express strength, abundance, good luck, and love.

Festive dried flowers in jars with the inclusion of stems such as Miscanthus and Eucalyptus parvifolia
Winter Forest Flowers In Jars

Lilac Skies

If it's a classic family theme you seek, look no further than this light and bright bouquet.

Embellished with light and dark purple shades, they will provide a welcoming atmosphere that suggests protection, nurture, and respect. The colour implies luxury and imagination too. It enlightens, inspires, and encourages too, which are family-related sentiments.

Stems in this range are Lilac Statice and Purple Broom to Blue Gyp and Purple Thistle. If chosen, you will have a bouquet that implies innocence, arrogance, and immaturity to fit with these festive times.

A purple infused large dried flower bouquet
Lilac Skies Dried Flower Bouquet

Preserved Flowers for Christmas

These dried flowers are created with a unique and careful preservation method. Being of sustainable nature, they will last for years, not days, allowing you to appreciate them for longer. They require no watering or direct sunlight. Subtle dusting is advised to help the flower maintain its impeccable shape. What is better is that they suit different rooms and spaces too. So, if you have selected your Christmas table flowers and want to read more about other ways to decorate your home, click here!

infinity rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers
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